Our Mission

We make starting a business possible for anyone and everyone.

Our mission

Who do we work with?

​We operate a sponsorship model so that we give away the very best advice, support and inspiration for free. We partner with a unique and diverse list of event sponsors.



In 2008 our co-founder Alan, went to Business Link (a Government funded service designed to support business) and the experience almost put him off starting a business. Alan is privileged – he is white, middle class, educated, resourceful and has a supportive family. If the traditional approach to starting a business put him off, what about everyone else?

The PopUp Business School was founded in 2011 by Alan Donegan and Simon Paine before evolving into the Rebel Business School in 2021. They knew that start-up loans and business plans put more people off than they help.

In order to find, inspire and truly help people start businesses from all backgrounds we discovered you need to take a completely different approach from traditional methods.

Our methodology and approach has trained more than 6500 people in the UK and is now creating businesses in five other countries.

How are we different?

The three biggest barriers people face when they’re thinking about starting a business are a lack of confidence, funding (they think they need money) and the practical know-how of what to do and the order of things in which to make it happen.

Business plans and start-up loans don’t deal with any of these issues; they make them worse. So, what’s the answer?

We have developed a unique methodology that consists of five elements:


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