Refugee Entrepreneurship

the hidden giant.

On World Refugee Day (20 June 2023) we hosted an insightful webinar about refugee entrepreneurship.

As part of our inclusive enterprise series, we delved deep into the world of refugee entrepreneurship and explored practical strategies to support and promote these incredible individuals in the UK.

From understanding the unique challenges faced by refugees to identifying opportunities and breaking down barriers, our expert speakers left no stone unturned.

Meet the speakers

Halima Salim

Rebel Facilitator & Founder of Blackboard English

Charlie Fraser

Co-Founder of TERN (The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network)

Fawzia Koofi

Afghan parliamentary lawmaker, an accomplished author, and a fierce advocate for women's and children's rights.

Miranda Metha

Business Consultant & Founder of Miranda and Co

Watch the webinar to discover

  • The current and projected demographic and geographic refugee community and its entrepreneurial capability.
  • How is business done abroad, what can we learn and what are the differences in the UK?
  • What are the different types of legal status and what are the rules?
  • What are the biggest opportunities and barriers for refugee start-ups and what is the support landscape?

Watch the webinar now

Now is your chance to be part of the movement. Watch the replay of our Refuge Webinar to unlock the secrets of empowering refugee entrepreneurs. Let their stories fuel your passion and drive. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive environment where refugee entrepreneurs thrive, making a lasting impact on their lives and our communities.

Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity. Click here to watch the webinar replay now and unleash the power of refugee entrepreneurship.