Democratising entrepreneurship

Help us to make the best entrepreneurial education free and available to all.

Making business available to everyone

The Rebel Business School has always been free for those who attend our events. We are able to do this by raising sponsorship to pay for the courses that we run around the world.

We find sponsors such as councils (local government), housing associations/ authorities, corporate sponsors or philanthropists/foundations who enable us to go into the communities that need the most support and help people to start businesses, build their own income and live doing something they actually enjoy.

What is a Rebel Business school event?

Watch this video below for an overview of what the Rebel Business School is.

10-day start-up event designed to help people launch businesses without debt.

Held in an accessible location in the community; a shop unit in the centre of town, a community centre or your own venue!

on average a room of 60-100+ entrepreneurs Ready to launch businesses and get going.

Helping Communities that need the most Support to build their own sustainable incomes without debt.

Changing lives and building businesses​.

Creating a network of entrepreneurs Who will thrive and give back in the community.

Want to bring us to your city?

Maybe you just want Rebel Business School to come to your city so that you can attend? That is fine too!

If you can help us find the right people to pitch our course to, then we will make it happen! 

The Rebel Team love nothing more than travelling around the world helping people so point us in the right direction and we will work with you to make it reality!

Ovi King

Want to be a Sponsor?

If you work for a housing association, large corporate, council, government agency or are a philanthropist and want to help people build their own sustainable income and trade their way out of the situations they are in, then get in touch.

Our events are open to all but typically we go into low income or disadvantaged communities to support people. We have all types of individuals come to our workshops and have helped lone parents, ex-offenders, unemployed people (around 50% of people who come to our events are unemployed at the time we run them) and anyone who finds it harder to get a traditional job.

We work with you to identify the communities you want to support and build a Rebel Business School event with you to create the most impact in the communities you want to support.

If you would like to know more about our impact, take a look at the longitudinal impact report from our events in Reading, Berkshire in England.

If you want to chat more, then fill out the form below and one of the team will give you a call to start the process of bringing a Rebel Business School to your town or city. 

How do I sponsor an event?

If you want to sponsor or help us come to your town, fill in the form below and we will be in touch!