Find Your Own Way

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What stops us making that follow up call with sometimes there? It’s a bit uncomfortable. I’m a bit scared of that feeling. And what’s that quote that we share in our events? Is it a Jim Rohn? Who says, you know, everything you want in life is outside your comfort zone? Otherwise, you’d already have already have? It is yes, it is a bit uncomfortable having to ring strangers them and ask them stuff. And, you know, you know, ask them questions, that’s the main thing, I want to buy your products or services, it feels a bit uncomfortable. I don’t like that feeling. But we’ve got to get to like it. You know what, the more you do it, the more you start to enjoy it. And I think that, for me, that kind of linked to that not getting out and speaking to enough people.

That’s one last one for me that when you first start, you will get a huge amount of advice. Huge amount of advice. I remember when I first started, there was two particular guys. One said, The only way for you to get business is to bring people make phone calls, and cold call cold call cold, cold. And the other guy said to me that don’t bother making phone calls, the big companies have teams of people making phone calls, you’ll never win any business doing that. You’ve got to network, the only way to do it is networking. So it complete opposite advice. Both said don’t do what the other did. And both were quite successful at what they did. Quite quite successful. So I was then bit paralysed about what to do. And you always get competing advice about what works for people, and what doesn’t work for people. And actually, it’s about finding your own way, your own way of doing it. And there is some merit in the fact that if you don’t make phone calls, stuff doesn’t happen. There’s also a huge amount of merit in networking. But it’s not the only way. You’ll find some people who win all their business online, some people win all their business this way, you got to find what’s comfortable for you. And it’s not always about taking the hard and fast advice. It’s about finding the way it works for you and committing 100% to it.

The thing that has been on my mind is, it’s about playing with the hands that you’ve been dealt, and accepting that or actually saying, You know what, I want to exchange my cards. Let me explain what I mean. So, when I play Top Trumps of my lad, he always has a look at the deck of the cards before we play doesn’t shuffle them, he selects which ones he’s going to get. And then he gives me, he gives me the rubbish cards, right? And I take these cards and because it’s my boy, you know, I play with this hand, and I accept that that’s the handout. And the first few mistakes that I’ve made. Were that the hand that I was down, I thought that was everything I needed to be successful with my business projects. What I didn’t do was figure out, where are the gaps? In my knowledge? What is it that I need to know, to be successful, I just kind of relied on the fact that I had some good ideas. I’m pretty good talking to people. And I can make stuff happen. I’ll just rely on those three things. And that’s what will get me success in my business. What I should have done was actually look at all the things that I needed to be successful, what is it the attributes of the most successful entrepreneurs? What do they have? And how can I get that stuff and get that stuff quickly. And I didn’t take that learning journey that I should have done, I didn’t take that, you know, that opportunity to fill my brain and go and learn at a geometric rate. If I’d done that, in the conversation I’d be having with you now would have probably happened four or five years ago. And the stuff that we’re doing now could have happened four or five years ago, if I’d have hit the hit the gas pedal on sales, but hit the gas pedal on that personal learning journey. I know that’s one of your things. But that’s really kind of hit me as well. And I

would never, ever accept the hand you’re dealt with. The hand you’re dealt with is not what you’ve got to play with what you’ve got to play with. It’s the entire plethora of options in the world. You can do anything. If you learn if you put energy into it and if you put effort into it and I think Simon is exactly right. Change the hand you’re dealt with. Take a new hand, play a new game, change the game. You don’t even have to play their game play a new game. Don’t play Top Trumps with a seven year old if I was going to sell.