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Course Notes

Created by the Rebel Team who have over a decade of small business training skills as well as years of practical experience, side hustles and a lot of learnings along the way.

We can't be everywhere at once, yet...

…so we summarised our most valuable content here so that anyone no matter where you are in the world, can learn how to start a business and make a better life for yourself.

Week One - Start


Starting For Free

Rebel Business School is built on how you can start for FREE. It has never been more possible to start a business. Let us show you a new way of thinking...


Sales and Marketing

Try to sell to everybody and you’ll end up selling to nobody. You have to focus on who your customer is and what appeals to them.


Build A Free Website

Using free web builders, you can level up your business with a powerful yet simple website that customers can see and buy from.


Find Customers on Social Media

There are so many different social platforms that you can use to build relationships and trust with your customers before you ask for the sale.


The Legal Stuff

When setting up your business, you need to consider what structure will work best for you and how to manage your accounts and tax.
It's going to be ok... We promise.


Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast

We created this podcast to provide the entrepreneurial and start-up education we'd wish we had access to when we were at the beginning of our business journey.

Week Two - grow


Master Your Pitch

Your business needs to do exactly what it says on the tin. You need to be able to excite yourself, your friends and complete strangers.


Network Effectively

You don't get what you deserve, you get what you ask for. We've hacked networking so you can get the most out of conversations.

Day 5 (98)

Getting On Google

If you build it, who will come? Using a range of tools, you can work to find your customers and put your business in front of them.


Build Your Confidence

Build your confidence as much as you do your business. Learn how to avoid 'the dip' and let your mood and your business thrive.


Negotiation & pricing

The more you give, the more you get. By simply asking for what you want, you'd be surprised how far you can get.

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Our Guiding Principles

We always finish our course with our Guiding Principles. If you live by these, then we believe it's possible to make money doing anything you love.

These course notes only scratch the surface of what we teach at a Rebel Business School course.

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