Your Business is What You Eat

Henry is in a Autumn Wonderland to talk to you about an aspect of your business you might not have thought was important: Your Health. Your Diet and how you treat yourself can have such an effect on your workday. Henry explains how.

It’s Thursday. It’s cold now somehow I’ve got to wear my coat and I’ve got poppies and everything on it’s great, I should probably do some proper content this time rather than talking about random philosophical stuff shouldn’t.


It’s one of the things I want to talk to you guys about, with something I’ve learned myself recently is, it’s about the health side of it. Now, I know, those of you that watch quite a lot of entrepreneurial videos and advice, videos and stuff like that some of them are really, really, really shit hot on their health. They’re really… people like Tim Ferriss, he’s got his own dietary plan, I wouldn’t say you necessarily need it. But you do need some discipline, put it this way. So when I first started with Popup a couple years ago, two years now, I’m old, you know I was drinking every other night at the pub, eating stuff, I wasn’t really looking at, watching what I was eating, I was just just generally being a teenager, which is fine, until I realised that my productivity wasn’t very good.


Now, that’s not because you know, I’m not going to sit on my high horse and say I’m healthy, therefore you should be healthy. It’s from an energy point of view. When you’re eating carbs, like loads and loads of carbs and sugary stuff, your energy burns out really quickly. And you actually end up crashing quite early in the day, you know, when you…. I don’t know, those of you that have drank quite a lot of coffee, or a lot of Red Bull, stuff like that. You end up crashing later on, because your body’s burning the sugar and then once it’s burnt all of the sugar, that’s you flat out for the rest of it. So the thing I’ve learned, I’ve changed my diet. I eat better. I don’t eat brilliantly well, I’m not going to say that, you know, occasionally me and Jack will share the odd Greg’s you know, chicken bake. But just be a little bit more careful about what it is that you’re eating. Because that’s where you’re going to get your energy from, when you start to burn fat, as opposed to sugar, that you’re going to have so much energy to do stuff in the day. But it’s when you just feel better. You ever had that where you just eat like – I don’t know – if you eat a pie or something, you eat quite a lot of something, you feel dense. If you’re really heavy and you sort of sit there. That’s when you’re going to be unproductive because your body’s working overly hard to digest everything and put everything through your system, you just eat the right amount and of the right stuff, you will feel better, you will feel clean, and you’ll be able to do stuff. I wanted to talk about the health stuff, not quite in the same preachy, you must eat really, really, really well. Just… it’s sort of a bit of common sense if anything. That’s what I’ve learned over the time, we went to a Tony Robbins thing, he was telling me to eat 70% water based food. Like I was just eating lettuce for like months, I felt cool, but I just wasn’t really fulfilled in that sort of sense. Look after what you’re eating, maybe do some exercise as well, you’ll feel better, you’ll feel more confident about yourself. Even if you don’t look any different. Even if you don’t actually make that much progress in terms of fitness. You’ll feel better for doing it mentally and physically. So a couple of aspects then before I leave in this autumn weather and the Brown and Orange Leaves.


A couple of things I wanted to say. Reading, In two weeks time, on the 21st of November, we are going to be running a huge workshop in Reading. We’ve been given a massive shop unit in the Oracle shopping centre. It’s going to be amazing – amazing opportunity for you to come to sell your stuff and to work with us closely for two weeks and grow your business to the next level if not started already. And then secondly, subscribe. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t done that already. Because then you’ll get alerted every time we do a video you’re able to see more of our content, and you’ll be tied more in with what we’re doing, what sort of content you want. Ask us questions. If you want certain things answered. We will do them just let us know how we’re getting on and we’ll we’ll do it for you.