Why Surrounding Yourself with the Right People is Key to Starting Your Own Business And Life You Want? Story by Laura Poole.

By life coach and public speaker, Laura Poole.

Have you ever been Alan Doneganed? There are so many of us now that we should probably start a support group. If you have no idea what I am talking about, Alan Donegan forces people to quit their job(!) so they can start living a life they actually want to live. And that’s exactly how it went down for me. 

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

This quote, along with an explanation is how Alan Donegan persuaded me to quit a job that was making me downright depressed, and changed the trajectory of my life.

The moment that changed my life forever.

Back in the Autumn of 2017 I returned home to Newport to visit my Mum. I hadn’t seen her all summer and was excited to spend some time with her. “I’m at a course Laura, I won’t be able to see you in the day.”, That’s what she said. My Mum who I hadn’t seen in ages was too busy to see me! How rude.

I decided to go and meet her for lunch in Newport market as that’s where this random course she was attending was. To my surprise she brought a bunch of “friends” she had made on this course along to our mother daughter lunch date. Who are these randomers and why are they so friendly? Her new pals told me I should come along to the course and wait for mum there as its free anyway. I had nothing better to do so I slipped in the back and pulled up a chair (if you haven’t realised yet I am talking about a Rebel Business School course). Mum told me I HAD to speak with Alan. I didn’t even really know why… for starters I wasn’t even attending the course. Here I am, a complete stranger who’s rocked up to this random course in the middle of Newport market that this man called Alan is running and he agrees to have a 1:1 chat with me!
“You don’t mind if I eat while we chat do you?”
Alan was having one of his famous packed lunches.
He asked me some questions about my life. You see I was working at a holiday campsite in Cornwall at the time. I was there running away from my problems and feelings. I was feeling lost after returning from my year living in Australia. 

Important question.

One of the things Alan asked me was who the 5 people I was spending the most time with were. 

I paused, had a little think:

My “boyfriend” I use quotations because it was a short lived thing with a guy I met who was also working on the campsite. 

My boss who was ironically also called Laura. We didn’t get on much.

 4. & 5. Other workers on the site. 


He asked me about the lives of the people I was living with. He asked me what they did and how they spent their time. The answer was drinking in a caravan. 

“Is this the life you want Laura” he asked me. 

Even then I knew I was destined for more. I didn’t know what quite yet, but I knew it wasn’t that. 

Quitting my job and finding my passion.

After that encounter I knew what I had to do. I went back to Cornwall with a mission, to hand in my two week notice. I knew I HAD to do this Rebel Business School course! Alan inspired me. Maybe I could use my degree in graphic design and work for myself. 

My journey with Rebel Business School.


The Newport course was over so I started searching for another and I landed on Hounslow. I took the bus to London. Booked the cheapest hostel I could find (£10 a night for a London hostel, I will let your imagination work out how that was). 

Excited to once again see the man who convinced me to quit my job I made my way to day 1 of the course. To my disappointment Simon Paine was running this course. If you know Simon you’ll know I wasn’t disappointed for long. I sat, I listened, I learned, I implemented and I started my business.

After spending two weeks hanging out with Simon and Jack, I was hooked on Rebel and the energy and motivation of the incredible team. I met up with them in Bristol and even travelled to Dublin to get a piece of the action.


Fast forward 5 years and I’m now working with Rebel, helping people like you who are where I was 5 years ago. 

Now, when I’m not running Rebel Courses, you can find me coaching my own clients and creating videos for my YouTube channel.

Laura Poole.

Laura is a life coach, public speaker, and trainer who helps individuals and organisations reach their full potential by providing guidance, motivation, and practical skills.

She enjoys creating content and her videos offer a glimpse into her approach, which combines humour, honesty, and a holistic perspective.

Find out more about Laura on her website.