Who You Gonna Call?

Simon gives you his challenge Tuesaday. Get on the phone and make sales, talk to your customers, make stuff happen. Who You Gonna Call?..

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So, yesterday is challenge Tuesday, and we’ve got into this habit of Tuesday, we’re posting videos that are designed to challenge you to challenge you to think differently, more importantly, to challenge you, us, all of us to do stuff differently. Because if we can do stuff, then it’s going to help us grow our business. We were chatting about this a moment ago, and I think today’s challenge for me, has two bits to it, the first bit asked for help the second bit, pick up one of these got this actual one, but your own version of the telephone. And here’s why. I reckon if you went up to a complete stranger in the street, and you said to them, I need some help with something, will you help me? I bet a high percentage of them would actually stop what they were doing. And if you were genuine, like you needed some help, they’ll help you. But actually, we’re very, very slow to ask for help, even from our friends, and our family. So what’s on my mind today is think of five people your challenge for today. Think of five people that you know, maybe they their actual friends or Facebook friends or people in your network five people that you can pick up the phone and ring them and ask for help. And say to them these words, something along the sides. I’m trying to grow my business, but I really need some help getting customers, please will you help me get some customers? These are the kind of people that I need people that will be interested in my products, this kind of age range, this kind of location in the country, whatever the criteria are for your customers. Share that with someone. So your challenge, pick five people and ring them, ask for help with your business. If you’re already a bit further along with your business, and actually you don’t need help, you just need some more customers. Then skip that bit. Just bring a customer say hi, and ask them to buy your stuff. Okay, so we’re releasing videos every day on the pop up business school channel. We have content for you every single day advice designed to help you start businesses, grow businesses, and make money doing what you love. Please subscribe now.