Which Keywords are Right for my Business?

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So the second question we have Luke is, how do I know which keywords are right for my new business?

There’s plenty of routes, you can go down with this. And you can speak directly to your clients. And so if someone visits your website, you can ask them, you know, how did you find my website? And also on social media? Let’s assume you’ve built up some form of following, you can ask them, what sort of keywords would you use to look for a business like mine. And also, there’s a lot of keyword tools out there. There are paid versions, but there are a lot of free versions. So you’ve got Google Keyword Planner, which in itself is a free tool. And that’s quite useful. A lot of the tools do tend to use an API, which calls from Google’s data anyway. But you’ve got sem rush, and H refs, all of which have a free element. And so that’s sort of the route you’re going on from a free aspect. And obviously, when it comes to pay to those tools do have a paid site, which they go into a lot more granular depth. But as far as the knowing the right keywords, there’s no way of looking at keywords or going that works, you need to sort of look at the targeting, I know a lot on your website sort of optimised for the keyword. And then if it comes to looking into Google Analytics, you’ve got a high bounce rate or the average session duration is, you know, really low, that’s an indication that the key word is actually right, someone’s clicking on your page and going actually, this is not what I expected and then leaving. So initially, you’ve got your keyword planner and stuff like that and looking for those, identifying what your service is looking into the sort of keywords that you’re that you’re thinking will be relevant for your business, look at the search volume, and the competitive nurse, obviously, you’re starting business, don’t go for the vanity exact match keywords because you’re never going to get them. I mean, in the long term, you may be able

to what’s a vanity exact match keyword,

okay? So so for example, if you’re so let’s say you’re a cake maker, or Okay, so if you’re looking cake maker, that’s a very tricky because that’s exactly what you’re trying to sort of target for. But you’re going to be competing against the wall established cake makers in in search. So if you’re a small business, you want to go for the more longtail and more natural voice sort of searches. So where can I find cake makers in Southampton, the more natural local focus because you stand more of a chance in ranking for those sort of keywords and you do the vanity ones like cake maker.

So a question from one of the pop up startups is, is it better for me to concentrate on keywords or content? Where should my focus be as the startup?

Both To be honest, both Yeah.