What makes a Good Business Name?

This PopUp Friday we jump back in time to January as Alan gives you advice on naming your Business in front of Basingstoke’s infamous Anu’s Kitchen. [Yes.. Really]

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


naming your business is so important. If you get it wrong. You might be famous on social media for the wrong reasons. But people procrastinate over naming their business for such a long time. Here’s what I think you should do. Number one, go to companies house and check to see if anyone else has the name. That’s the first step. Number two, actually, the most important step is going to Google and the domain name is the domain name you want available? And does anyone else rank highly for on Google? Or can you own that space on Google? Because where the most people go to find businesses and to find businesses, now, they go to Google. And that’s where your name is most important. So step one, check Companies House. Step two, go to Google and have a look at what’s on there and see if you can compete with those words to become top for the area you want to come to. And with the proper business school, people often say to me, are you afraid that someone else will come along and take your business name? And the answer is not really, because we own the Google rankings. So if you type in Popup Business School on Google, the first 10 terms are all about our business. So no one can take our name away from us, because we’re already using it and owning it on Google. So anything anyone else does, just promotes our business? So the most important thing you got to look at is getting to the top of the listings for Google. Have fun naming your business. Get creative, check Companies House, check Google and the most important thing start selling.