What is The Rebel Business School?

Rebel Business School’s mission is to make starting a business achievable for anyone and everyone, no matter their starting point or background. Since 2011 we’ve been delivering the inspiration, information, and practical help needed to get your idea to the next level. Anyone can start a business as long as the best education and advice is made available. Formerly PopUp Business School.

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My name’s Alan Donegan. I run this thing or came up with this thing called the pop up business school. And we’ve spent the last six and a half years travelling around England and some different countries, helping people to start businesses and make money doing what they love. We ask people the question, what is stopping you? And it’s based upon the belief that it takes money to make money, and that I need to invest a load of money first, before I can get a return. Actually, I want to start a business and I’ve got an idea. But what do I do first, and we find it fascinating. Quite often people turn up at the Popup Business School with a business plan. And they come over and go, Alan, I’ve written my business plan, can you tell me what I should actually do? And then the killer one for me, is maybe you make money in year two. And this is what people tell you. Maybe you make money in year two, can you wait two years to make any money, I’m not very good at waiting, like 30 minutes for a pizza to turn up. It’s the way the universities teach us. It’s the way the colleges teach us. But there’s a different way, there is definitely a different way. And what we’ve noticed after six and a half years of running the popular business school is that the people who start businesses, because they think they can make money doing something don’t tend to last,

make the first move, we meet so many people that come to the events and they bring us up afterwards. And so I wish I’d spoke to that person that I was two rows in front of because they were the person that I really needed to speak to. And it turns out the person two rows back was the person sitting there thinking I really need to speak to that person, they like

the people who start a business because it’s what they enjoy. They tend to keep going the longest.

When you reach one of these barriers, we get stuck only sometimes that letter hits the doormat and you think that’s me done for the next week, I’m just going, I’ve lost my mojo, I don’t have any energy anymore. But actually having something like this lifts you through that gives you bounce back ability

is actual schools like this.

Every day, I can’t believe it’s free. I can’t believe it’s free to everyone. I know. Everybody come along and it comes in

your area, they were such a great support. And they gave me so much insight. If they came on this next level again, I would definitely come again for more,

you know, really engaging, made learning really easy and fun for everyone. If I had my business plan here right now I would tear it up.

Because it used to be you needed a lot of money to set up and get going. That’s not the case anymore. So the business world you’re operating in, didn’t exist 678 years ago, which is why we need a different way to do things and a different way to build businesses. And that’s what we’re going to help you to do. So take this opportunity to meet some new entrepreneurial minded thinking people who are sat around. The idea is hang out for as much time as possible with us. The more time you spend with us, the more we’ll be able to help you on your business idea and the more progress you’ll make.