What Content Does Your Website Need?

Henry returns for Season 2 of Website Wednesday answering your questions and giving you tips and tutorials. Today he shows you how to add a PayPal Cart to your website so you can sell multiple products at once.

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Hello, welcome back to Website Wednesday. Today, I want to talk to you about what content does my website actually need? Oh, it’s a huge, huge question, which I get asked all the time, all the time at workshops at a pub. Anybody that knows I do anything about websites, they always ask what is it I actually need on a website. I could go massively into it. And if I was going to say, if you were a massively established business, and you were making loads money, and you had loads of money and time to spend on it, I would say that you need X amount pages with X amount of information on the front of stage that you guys are at, you do not need 20 pages, you do not need a hundreds and hundreds of services, you do not need all of the paragraphs of text, you do not need professional images, you do not need any of that stuff, three most important things that you need on your website, the three bits of content that you need to make sure are there. Is it obvious what you do? What’s the value you’re adding? Where’s the value in it? Why is it different? What do you want them to do next? If your website is very clear and obvious about what it is that you do? I’ve got an example here, which I’m gonna show you, then you’re onto a winner, because then people know that they’re in the right place, if that’s what they’re looking for, what’s the value? Why should they choose yours? If you’re a photographer, for example, why is yours better than other people’s? Why should they choose yours? Then the third one, what you want them to do? You just be clear journey that they need to take and a clear action that you want them to take. Do you want them to buy something straightaway? Do you want them to get in touch? Do you want them to learn something? You’ve got to know what that is? So I’m gonna show you this example. I’ve used this example last series to go from reading called Alanna Harmsworth. I met her crazy story. I met her at Beer Fest Oktoberfest in Redding, because she had a camera and I asked her what she was doing. Have drought a little bit, had a few chats with her. And she’s, she’s amazing. She’s very good photographer. I’m gonna show you her website. And she does all three of those things that I’ve just mentioned. So you can see here we land on the page. First one, what do you do? The first thing you see is a lot of Harmsworth photography. Cool. Oh, no, she’s a photographer. Why should I choose yours, it’s quite an interesting one. The way she’s done that is by having her work as the main image. But that’s a great image. That is a fantastic picture. And it shows exactly what she does. And from that, I’d imagine she specialises in weddings, you can see below their corporate lifestyle, weddings, she’s got the three things, this is what I do. This is the value I can add, she does then have what do you want me to do next, she wants you to get in touch, that’s the main thing she wants you to do is get up for her and book her to come and do photography. Now the interesting bit, the bit that I love about what she’s done here is that it’s it’s not get in touch with me or leave, she’s actually got get in touch. But if you’re not quite ready, we’ll add more. And if I click that, Learn More button, it takes us straight down to what she does. She’s got a little bio about who she is, she’s got some portfolio work. Like she’s got some loads of cool stuff. She’s probably got more on her website than you guys need right now. But the main that I want to point out the main things that she’s got her up front, what she does, why it’s valuable, and what you want to do next. So if I click Get in Touch takes us straight down to how you get in touch. And it’s just an email form. And like if I can put that in a list of the stuff that you guys need as content, it is solely what you do, why you do it, and then how people can get in touch. Once you’ve got those three straightaway, you’re able to make some sales, you’re able to start conversations with customers, they’re able to start conversations with you, which is the most important thing. So if I was going to tell you what content I could go through and tell you how your about page should be structured, I could tell you how your product page should be structured, how your contact page should be structured, what should be on the homepage. It’s an interesting one. But like strip all of that back. All you need is a landing page, which sells what you do. So it’s been a quick and interesting website Wednesday, I’m going to do a landing page video later on in this series. I’m not sure where it’s going to come yet, but it will be in the few weeks. And I’m going to show you basically how to make one page which is going to sell, sell your service, sell your product, whatever it is you want to do. And we’re going to do that one. I’ve done a hell of a lot of research into this stuff for us for pop up because we want to sell our workshops. You know, we’ve got the landing pages for this. I’ve learned a hell of a lot for those. I want to share that stuff with you because it’s really cool knowledge. It’s actually stuff that you just don’t think of that are actually really important. So, Happy Wednesday. Keep on building websites. I’ll see you next week. I kiss the camera Jack.