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Take your business to the next level

Let’s get your business online. Through the digital street markets project, the Rebel Business School is running sessions to support existing businesses to make use of the new public Wi-Fi by utilising the web to grow your business. 

Join us from November 28th.

> Live In-person

> Westminster Residents

> Free to Attend

How does it work?

Our live course consists of four sessions of practical and easy-to-digest content that will help you scale and reach more customers with your market trader business

There will be four online sessions spread out over 4 weeks in the evening from 6-8pm

Through the course, you’ll learn:
How to create a website for free, how to take card payments, how to generate more sales through social media, and more

My confidence has grown, and I even started a market stall with the support of my course mates for the application.

Working with others is key in business, and building relationships with other businesses and customers is so important. I have built up these relationships with new contacts from the Rebel Business course that are going to be associates for life.

Who are Rebel Business school?


Everything you need to know

Four weekly sessions, with new topics and workshops each day

Monday 28th November – Monday 19th December 2022

Online via Zoom

6pm – 8pm

Free (Yes, really!) – Sign up below!


Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to at the course.

Each day session runs from 6-8pm

Week 1
How to Make a Website for Free

Week 2
Taking Card Payments & Sales

Week 3
Using Google Maps to drive traffic to your business

Week 4
Social Media part 1

Joanna Van Blommestein

I can honestly say it’s changed my life!

I feel so proud that I’ve made the leap into setting up my own business and I know I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t attended.

Mark Young

I dread to think what mess I would be in today if I had not done the course.

Right from the start, I realised I was about to put another millstone around my neck if I continued with the lease and loan.

natasha brathwaite

Going on the course gave me the confidence to make things happen.

If I didn’t attend, I don’t believe I would have got as far as I have and given me the leverage to take it the next level for 2021. You may not get this kind of opportunity anywhere else, not for free anyway!

Our Partners

We work with partners across the country so that we can give the course away for free.

Our partners have funded this event which enables us to give our course away to all making it the first truly accessible business support.

No one has EVER paid to attend a Rebel Business School anywhere in the world.
This means our sole effort is put into making sure that you get the most out of the course and that you get the results you need.