Website Day FAQ

Do you have any questions about building a free website? We put together a list of frequently asked questions to handle any queries you may have:

Yes, you can use Paypal to accept payments on your Square site. Here is a guide [INSERT LINK]

No, the images you find on Google will be owned by someone else. If you use them on your website, you risk being fined! You can find free images to use on Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash

After you’ve signed into Square, go to the menu on the left side and select the option that say ‘online’ This will take you to the Square website builder

No, Squarespace is a different website builder and they will charge you to create a site! The correct site is

Yes, you can add a blog to your square site. Select the plus button on the top left of the screen on PC/MAC, then select ‘page’. After that go to ‘story’. Stories are Square’s name for blog posts.

Yes, Square will take a small fee (1.9%) on each transaction on your site. This is considerably cheaper than other options available

A domain name is the address of the website for example You do not need to buy one. Square will include a free one when you create the site. The address will have ‘’ at the end though ( for example). If you want to remove the square branding in the address, you can pay for your own domain name.

Yes, Square will keep track of the amount of inventory you have available in your store.

Yes, Square is great for creating an online store, but if you are selling something else like a service, you can still use Square

Need more advice?

Check out the course notes for website day here