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Social Media Trainer, Speaker & Author Nicky Kriel talks with Alan about her Top Tips for running a successful twitter account.

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Converting Conversations to Customers by Nicky Kriel

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Do you enjoy using Twitter? Well, quite often we get people who come along to our workshops who just go, I don’t get how to use this Twitter thing. Well, we’re here today with Nicky Kriel, who’s the author of consider converting conversations to customers, who’s going to help us with top Twitter tips. Nikki, how about this? Yes, trying desperately to pronounce it all correctly. So what are the top five tips that will help people get the most out of Twitter for their business? And

the first one is and start conversations on Twitter. And I think it’s so easy. People just publish on Twitter, they post stuff out, and then nobody’s interacting to them. You’re going to get, you’re going to enjoy Twitter a lot more if you’re actually having conversations with us. And if you’re talking to people, and some of the ways that in fact you you’re going to love the stories that you tell quite often about how you got somebody chatting about and you did a cheeky tweets, tweet about copies?

I don’t Yes, I saw a lady had on my profile that she liked coffee. She was exactly the person we wanted to do business with. And we started talking about coffee, which that God is connected. She checked out our website, and eventually it led to a 20,000 pound contract.

Good, good stuff ready. There’s no formalities in Twitter, you can chat it anybody? Yes. But obviously, if you you’re pitching a people, first time we talked to them, it’s not gonna work,

talk first, make friends first. Find out more about them, then pitch they can? Yes, sources and things to say have a read of their bio, that quite often gives you something to introduce yourself about or look at their last five tweets and reply to some of those that can get you started on the website and have a look. Ask him a question. Question. Number two, Twitter lists

and Twitter lists. Now, this is something that most people don’t seem to use, but it’s incredibly useful. You can put people on on Twitter, you can put people into lists, which means you can actually focus on this conversations. So you can either use it within Twitter, or you can use something like HootSuite or TweetDeck. You can bring lifts through so if you want to concentrate on a group of people, or certain people are more important to you. So if you want to get into a company, you can actually pay attention to just that company, so that you can interact and respond. But obviously, don’t. Every time somebody tweets don’t reactive because it’s a little bit creepy when people do. So yeah. So like, just get it like it’s worth paying attention focusing on people. And you do that by putting a tweet, a lot of people forget that you can actually pin a tweet

to the top of your profile. You can take any tweet, you said yes. So make sure it stays at the top,

it has to be your tweet. So it’s worth putting a tweet up that says something about your business or something that changed the best lines or whatever you want to talk about the time. So you’ve got an event, you have an event that your top tweets, obviously, I’ve got a book picture, book. It’s a pin tweet. But I’ve also got I’ve also had something and we’re going to talk about which is lead generation cards. That’s a useful thing to have between.

Well, let’s skip, we want to end on those. So

we’ll, we’ll come back to them. So think about whatever you do, go have a look at your Twitter, Twitter feed right now. We’ve not pinned a tweet, find good tweets or right one, all right, and then pinned to the top. And it’s the three little dots that you press on that and it gives you the option to pin it to go to

number four Twitter chats.

Yeah, in terms of having conversations with people. Twitter chat chats are an hour for donkey, they’re about an hour where people get together, and they use a particular hashtag, and anybody can join the conversation. So you might have a Twitter chat based on an area. So for example, on Saturday mornings, I do a saree chat. And there’s a whole group of business people we get together, we have a bit of chat, and we keep it very informal. So tends to be about things like breakfast walks, but also what we’re up to in our business. So we do talk business staff, but we will say it quite informal. But they’re they’re always chats for almost everything. Any type of interest that we’re chat going on at the time. It’s just using the hashtag and getting involved with conversation. And that’s a brilliant way to actually get to meet people.

So how do we find out what Twitter chat so what chats to join, how to revive?

I’ve actually written a blog about how to find chats, because there’s somebody who’s given a great one for UK ones and I found a little chat. So I’ll give you the link for that and we’ll put it

below the video. Fantastic. So have a look in the comments below and have a look for that link to find Twitter chats. that’s number four. And number five, let’s come back to Twitter lead generation cards,

did you know that you can actually capture an email directly from Twitter, so you don’t send them off to another page, they’re on Twitter, they click a button, they click to confirm that, they’re happy to sign up. And you can send them whatever you want to send. So if it’s a PDF, or checklist, or a special offer, or a coupon, or whatever you want to do, you can send it by email, and you’ve got the email list and you can connect that so I use MailChimp, so you can get Nick that type of MailChimp to be on your database straightaway. And the way you do that is going, you have to go through Twitter ads, so you need to set yourself up on Twitter ads, you don’t need to spend any money on Twitter. But you need to sign yourself up on Twitter as and as a lead generation card and use. You can fill it in and people can sign up. And I’ve got a Twitter How To Twitter course, which I often put out as a lead generation course. And pinned to multiple microphones, not at the moment. But quite often I have that so that people can just click up and get tips on how to get started on Twitter.

So Mickey, where can people find out more about you or ask you questions. But

the best place is actually to ask me on Twitter, which is at Nicky Kriel, which is Nicky, K, R, I, E, L, or go to my website, below calm or anywhere on social media that you can find me I’m Nicky Kriel everywhere. So everywhere, just find me and I’ll talk to you.

Excellent and Nikki’s actually launched and put out a book, which is called converting conversations to customers. And it has all of the knowledge she’s gained over years of working in the industry, about how you can get customers online and convert them to sales. So check that out. It’s on Amazon at the moment. Thank you so much for your help Nikki. It’s been great having you on the channel. And yeah, we’ll speak more online. And that’s not all. We have been lucky enough to be given a signed copy of Nicky Kriel’s book to give away. All you have to do is click on the link and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or there’s a couple of other ways you can enter as well to be in with a chance to win the signed copy of Nikki creels book.