Top Technology to Help You Succeed in Business

Alan and Henry give you their top tech to help you successfully run your business on the move.

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This is a short video for you on the technology that we use to run our business. I’ve been running my business, out of other people’s offices and on the road for about the last nine years. And we’ve been working with me now for 18 months, and we don’t have an office, do we, Henry? No, no, still, everything is done mobily everything is done on the run. So we thought we’d share with you the top tech that we use to make sure our business stays operational, no matter where we are in the country. And the first thing, the major tool we have is a laptop.

Never underestimate the power of a laptop, having a piece of tech you can you can even get away with a tablet, you know, the Surface Pros are coming out. And they’re really good. If you can have everything that you need all in one place that’s not too heavy, and you can carry it around and use it wherever you need to. That’s the number one tool you can

have the second weapon of choice for an entrepreneur on the road. Mobile phones, mobile phones are absolutely critical. I’ve been a convert to iPhones for some time. Now. I think they’re fantastic. And they seem to have all the apps that you need to get going. Henry, you have something to add to that. Yes,

I’m a very recent convert to the iPhone is the best choice I’ve ever made in my entire life. Before this, I had a Nokia, One of the Nokia Lumia phones, which was great. In the first couple of weeks that I had it straightaway start to slow down, I couldn’t get half the apps that I needed for it. And things like filming the camera was great, but it never quite kept up with it. So

we lost half a day’s filming because your Nokia, if we turned on your Nokia and it didn’t actually record anything, you’re still so bitter about that it’s half a day of my life and read I will never get back. Thanks to you and Nokia, you can do nearly enough everything you need to do for your business on your phone. It’s an incredibly powerful tool. We use iPhones, use whatever you need, just get one that’s reliable, because it makes such an impact on your business. Here’s a quick review of the other tech that Henry and I slung around with us in our bags so that we can work wherever we go. There’s a whole host of things. For me as a presenter, I do a lot of speaking a lot of using PowerPoint. This is one of the most critical tools for me, it is a Kensington si 600 that plugs into your laptop via USB, and it allows you to use PowerPoint as a remote. It is incredibly important if you’re doing presentations or pitches. There’s my first one. And to add

to that, we have the most trustworthy thing and the useful thing we’ve ever purchased in our lives is a HDMI to VGA adapter. Now the amount of times that we go to places to do presentations, and they don’t have an HDMI projector that we can plug our laptops in. This is invaluable, because the amount of times that we’ve needed to project onto it again, they haven’t got HDR projector. But this allows us to do that. And we can get everything on screen that we need.

Yes, and most current laptops you’re buying now use HDMI output, but most projectors in people’s buildings still are on VGA. So that’s a really useful addition. I also in terms of presenting us this, which allows me to plug my iPhone into a projector, which is incredibly useful. If you want to project stuff from your iPhones, you can just get that from the Apple store or from Amazon.

Exactly. And that is invaluable. Again, when we teach things like social media and then the use of apps on mobile, me and Alan have both invested in in I knew to portable charger. Now this is a 20,000 milliamp battery, techy there’s an MRI, that you could charge an iPhone fully about eight or nine times with this and it only costs about 20 pounds on Amazon. This is brilliant for any portable device that you have that you might need to reach out.

Absolutely. We also have and I know a lot of you out there do YouTube videos in different videos. We have bought recently, a clip on microphone that actually works with the iPhone, which is really useful. If I can actually clip it on that would help Henry don’t use the thick part of the polo shirt. No, it plugs straight into the base of the iPhone and allows you to get really good sound when you’re recording video, which is one of the most important elements as we’ve learned in our experiment on YouTube is sound.

Another thing sort of related to sound quality. If you’re like us, we spend a lot of time in the car and we could be using that. You know those hours where we’re driving quite practically if we’re on the phone to people or sending emails. The Apple headphones or headphones that you would get with any of your phones often have a microphone on it. Have these with you in the car because that means that through your four hour drives, or however long they are, you can make those important phone calls back to clients, you can keep in touch with existing clients, and you can really still get stuff done whilst you’re driving.

Absolutely. One piece of tech I absolutely love is my Kindle, which, as you know, from talking to us, we’re lifelong learners, we’re always looking to learn new things. Current book I’m reading at the moment is The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins, and we’re reading about investing our money and what we do with it. And the more we learn, the more valuable we are to our clients. So I carry my Kindle with what I’m learning wherever I go. And you’ve got the last one and we

I have my last one is please always have a USB stick with the trusty USB, trustworthy. If you need to transfer a presentation from your computer to another you need a USB stick. If you need to give someone some photos while you’re there, USB stick videos, USB stick music etc. is so powerful and so useful. It can get you out of the most daunting situations five minutes before a presentation.

And the final tip I want to leave you with which is very critical is remember to backup your stuff. backup your laptop, backup what you’re doing backup your phone because things do happen. I have lost data in the past and it has hindered us hindered Yes, yeah. Thank you for finding the word that wasn’t a swear word. backup your stuff. It’s critical so that there’s a short video about the tech we use to run our business on the road. If you use anything else. We’d love to hear from you about what tech you use to run your business Moberly. Thanks for watching. See you soon.