Top Mobile Apps for Startup Companies

Alan and Henry run through their top apps to help you start and continue your business.

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Sorry. So this episode is all about the top apps you can use as a business to get your business going. Because now more than ever, business is about doing things mobily wherever you are in the park, at the cafe, wherever you are, you can actually do nearly anything you want to through your phone. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to go through the top three apps that we use and that we’ve experimented with that are really going to help you succeed in your business, because we love free. So a brilliant one for staying in contact with customers or friends and business associates, is WhatsApp. Now I know there’s a lot of other apps that can do exactly the same thing. You can do it on Facebook Messenger, you can do it on Viber. There’s loads of different ones, but the one we personally use is WhatsApp. It’s a way that you can stay in contact, you can send text messages, you can actually use it as a phone, you can call free call people using Wi Fi with WhatsApp. And it’s a brilliant way of staying in touch with anybody around the world for free.

One of the apps we use an awful lot for our business. Whether we’re planning videos like these, or whether we’re coming up with a plan between us or organising notes or creating capturing creative ideas is one note by Microsoft, there is an android version as well called Evernote. But the one we use as a business is called OneNote. And it allows you to capture the information you have on your phone. And that syncs directly with your laptop or your desktop at home. And it makes all your notes searchable, and available wherever you are. OneNote has been a game changer for us preparing and working together as a team.

The next one is iMovie. Now for those of you that have some of the newer iPhones, iMovie comes as standard already installed on your phone. And it is a fantastic video editing app that you can check. You can film things all day, you can chuck them all in together, it does not take any time at all. You can add music, you can make trailers, you can do loads of stuff, we use it quite often. I used it a lot on when I went away on holiday. It’s brilliant to make some really nice quick videos that you can upload straight to Facebook straight to Instagram,

one of my favourite apps for learning. And as you know, I am all about learning new things in business is the podcast app on iPhone, or I’m sure there’s an Android equivalent. But the podcast app allows you access to the podcast from Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income, or from Tim Ferriss daily podcast show. It gives you that ability to continually learn when you’re driving when you’re out walking, wherever you are. And the more you learn as an entrepreneur, the more valuable you are, and the more your business will accelerate. So use the podcast app to find new and exciting information to learn for your business. The next one is Facebook pages. Now you can get your most of you will probably have the Facebook app, you can get

an app called Facebook pages, which helps you manage all of the pages you own. So that’s your business page. I’ve got the pop up one, I’ve got my my own business on there. This you can have as many as you want. And it’s a quick way of managing things. You can access all of the messages, you can get all the notifications, you can even change all your photos and post things. It’s a brilliant way of accessing everything really quickly.

There are two apps for YouTube. There is the YouTube app, which allows you to watch YouTube videos. And then there is captcha, which is app that allows you to upload videos to YouTube on the fly. It also allows you to do some basic editing, chopping and adding titles, as well as adding music. It is a free app that is really useful for you to get instant videos from your phone uploaded to YouTube and out there as marketing. It makes your life as a videographer easier and quicker.

The next one is Instagram. Now a lot of you probably already use this. Some of you may not because you don’t quite know what whether it’s right for you or not, which is fine. We use it all the time. Instagram is a brilliant way of sharing with your customers and sharing with new customers, what you’re getting up to. We use it as more of a behind the scenes kind of thing. So we’ll share the pictures of us when we’re in meetings. It’ll be me taking selfies in the back of our workshops, but we keep you updated with what we’re doing. And Instagram is a brilliant way of doing it at the moment. It is the social media with the most engagement. The most people will look at your photos, they’ll like them they’ll comment on the Interact. And that’s a brilliant way of staying up to date with your customers. At

the pop up business school. We’re always talking about testing and measuring what you do on social media should be tested and then measured. One of the ways you can measure the impact your social media having or actually your social influence online is clout and clout KL o UT has a simple app that allows you to see if what you’re doing is improving Your social influence online. It also gives you a nice metric for you’re able to sell to people when you’re selling sponsorship and promotion.

Next is Canva. You might not have heard of this one, it’s a really good image editing app. It’s Canva. Ca and VA. It allows you to, but it has loads of basic templates with really nice images, really nice fonts. And you can create some stunning looking images, I’ve been creating loads of, quote images for us with, I’ve done one with no zero days on it with the hashtag. And it creates shareable content that you can post out to your customers and to the rest of your network, and it will start getting your message travel around a lot faster.

One of the apps I use all the time on my phone is the Weebly app. And as you know, you’ve seen the videos that we recommend Weebly as one of the services to build a free website to get yourself going. They have an app for the iPhone, they have an Android version that allows you to see the latest stats on your website to see how many visitors have come. It allows you to edit basically some of the website, it’s easier on the laptop, but it allows you to get something edited and up there. And it allows you to blog on the go. So it’s an incredibly useful app for you to be able to do website tweaks and adjustments on the go whilst you’re out there to keep your website up to date.

The next is Hashmi. Now, you definitely won’t have heard this one. I’ve only found it recently, there’s been loads of different ones over the time. Hashmi is a or hashtag generator, you search for it, you’ll find it on the App Store. What you can do is you can search for your subject. You search for your subject, and then what it does, it will show you the top 30 or 40 hashtags that are related and most popular. And then all you can do is you can tap on those, you can select them and you can copy them to your clipboard. And then what we’ll do is we’ll go back into Instagram. And we’ll comment on our latest post. And we’ll put all of our hashtags in there. Because then that puts that image under all of these hashtags. It’s really powerful tool. And it’s a brilliant way of finding new conversations that your customers are having.

There are so many free apps for your phone that allow you to run your business Moberly and on the go. So check out those apps we’ve listed or if you have any that you think we should know about. Please put them in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. What are the apps that get your business going?

Now an important thing to remember is this doesn’t have to take up all of your time. These are things that are just going to make your life slightly easier. You’re going to have access to new stuff and you’re going to be able to do some really cool things and not a lot of time. You don’t have to focus all of your time doing this.

Yes. And enables you to take the time that’s dead time elsewhere. Whether you’re on the train, whether you’re a passenger in the car, you can use that time to progress your business so actually makes it more flexible and better use of the time you’ve already got no zero days.