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Social Media Trainer, Speaker & Author Nicky Kriel talks with Alan about her Top Tips of how to succeed when using LinkedIn.

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Converting Conversations to Customers by Nicky Kriel

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So this video is LinkedIn tips for small businesses, how to use LinkedIn to find customers to grow your business and to get going. My name is Alan Donegan from the Popup Business School. And I’m here with Nikki Kriel to talk all about.

We’re going to talk about what LinkedIn, LinkedIn.

Yes, yeah. So what are the top tips for people who want to find customers on LinkedIn? What should they be doing?

I think there are a number of different ones. And I, we, the first thing is make sure that your LinkedIn profile is good. So if somebody finds you, that gives the right impression, it’s

all up to date, you’ve got the correct details. And there’s a picture of you as a person there.

Yeah. Because I think quite often people starting activity and don’t get the basics right first, so that make sure you’ve got that right. One of the top things that I think you can do on LinkedIn at the moment is LinkedIn publisher, okay? Okay. Which is, is, it’s like blogging on LinkedIn. So it’s like putting what you’d have on your, your blog, and your website. But it goes on to LinkedIn. So all your connections, get notifications that you publish something.

And so you’re writing articles specifically for LinkedIn, and then publish it using LinkedIn publishing.

Yeah. So on on your LinkedIn status thing, you’ve got a writer post, or yet, I think it’s write an update, an update, write a post. And that’s, that’s when you click on there. And it basically is like a simple word documents. So you can put a headline to put pictures and you can embed a video, you can do a lot of things with it. And it ranks really well for SEO, because LinkedIn is considered a good, good website. So those articles come up highly for search, and sometimes you’ll get more views on LinkedIn, I find that I get a lot more views on my LinkedIn posts

on your own website. Yeah.

And the thing is that on LinkedIn, you got your profile, is there already?

So how does that convert through to sales or growing business?

So basically, so people, if they stay within LinkedIn, obviously, if you want to drive people to your website and drive into website, but I suggest at the bottom of your LinkedIn post, to do a little synopsis of who you are, so you do a sales pitch? So do that in third person? So Donna, good, off couple this to school helps, you know, some

people start small businesses, or it says Nikki creels. Social Selling experts.

Yeah. So that pathway that people know, because sometimes people read the article, and they won’t necessarily know you, I get a lot more pop news. When I published a contents and follow up on comments, you can see exactly who’s viewed your profile. And you can see who’s interacted. So who’s liked it and who’s added to comments to actually see who those people are. And who’s who’s shared your content. Which cognitive

website. No, you can’t do that. You can’t do that. So number one, LinkedIn publisher, yeah. Number two,

is SlideShare. Now SlideShare. Have you know, you’ve heard of SlideShare.

I have heard a SlideShare. I love PowerPoint, but I’ve never really used it. Okay, why should I bother?

Slideshare is I suppose like YouTube is for video SlideShare is for PowerPoint presentations, or whichever type of presentation you use. Long story short, though, is LinkedIn on SlideShare. You can put SlideShare presentation on PowerPoint presentation within your profile, it gives visual content that adds colour to your profile. So rather than being flat, and presentations are easy to do, so the quicker then videos easy to do. So that’s yes. Story, sorry.

So if you’ve got PowerPoint, then you can create a slideshow about your business uploaded to SlideShare share on LinkedIn. And that will generate two views and looks at your profile. So one’s LinkedIn publisher two is SlideShare. Number three,

interacting with your newsfeed. It’s amazing how many people but lots of people have profile and then they didn’t do anything with it. That’s it. Yeah, I would say that most of LinkedIn users Yes. And in fact, I think Clayton people on average, and it’s been 17 minutes a month on LinkedIn. Okay, so a lot of people aren’t that busy on LinkedIn. So you stand out when you’re, and you engage with people, people posting comments. So just simply by adding a like, they can see that you’d like to post a comment again, interact with you. It’s those little warm fuzzies that keep you top

of mind. And number four, getting in the group.

Yeah, a lot of people don’t really use groups properly or they go to groups and try and put their blog posts or better what they do with it. And groups allow you to interact and get to know people as human beings and find out questions. You can also share Your expertise within groups. So my recommendation is different groups have different criteria. So some, some will be quite spammy, and everybody’s posting links, but others are quite interactive and chatty. So I would say, find out to up to five groups that your people are hanging out in the your customers should I say. So don’t spend time needs to do with your peers, wants to spend time with people that potentially might be customers.

And the last tip for this video number five, is

searching for vehicles. Lots of people don’t actually aren’t very proactive in searching. So you have a profile. And if somebody asks you to connect or do things, you do that. Whereas if you are actually proactive, you can get together list of people who put in your criteria. And you can work your way through connecting with people in a in a systematic way. So you can sub like, try and reach people for home relationships, maybe connect with them on LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, you know, if you’re not connected with them in real life, so find the people through later.

And Nikki actually has a book out at the moment called converting conversations to customers can be found on Amazon.

Yeah, amazon online if you search for it, almost anywhere. And I probably in bookstores.

store soon. Fantastic. Thank you for those tips. Nikki, if you’ve got any more questions for Nikki, where can people find you online?

If you find, well, if you look up Nikki Kriel, which then I see, K, R, I, E, L, I’m from my website, or chatting me on Twitter, at Nikki Kriel. Find me on LinkedIn, Nikki crew, there’s a little tip. Is this a trend? Derek? Yes. So wherever you want to talk to me, talk to me.

Fantastic. And let us know how you’re getting on with LinkedIn. And that’s not all. We have been lucky enough to be given a signed copy of Nikki Kriel book to give away. All you have to do is click on the link and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or there’s a couple of other ways you can enter as well to be in with a chance to win the signed copy of Nikki Kriel book.