Top 5 Ways to Increase Sales at Christmas

Alan welcomes the festive period by giving you five ways to help sell more to your customers as they are buying more than ever over Christmas.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Christmas is coming. How do you make sure you generate enough sales and build your business over this Christmas period? Jack and I wanted to do this video for you with five ways to increase your sales over the Christmas period. The most important thing I want you to do is have a Christmas offer. Number one is have a Christmas offer. I am shocked at how many shops, restaurants, bars, online businesses don’t have a specific offer that they can sell to people for Christmas. So I want you to think about what’s the thing you can sell this Christmas to increase your sales. That’s number one. Number two is sell vouchers. Like sometimes people say to me, Well, I can’t sell this for Christmas, or I can’t sell that for Christmas. It doesn’t mean that you can’t sell vouchers for it that people can buy for next year. So create a voucher credit card, create something that you can sell immediately to generate the sales Now whilst people are spending and then they can bring the vouchers in next year to start selling vouchers. Number three is work your mailing list. Go back to everyone who’s bought from you throughout the year. And ask them to buy something else. Send out to your email list and out to your Facebook list. Work the mailing list of past customers who know like and trust you ask them to buy either the offer or the voucher that we’ve just come up with in number one or number two, work your list. Number four is that people are searching online for gift ideas right now. Work the hashtags, on Twitter, on Instagram on Pinterest, find the active hashtags where people are searching for gift ideas and make sure your product your service is there so people can buy it. There are people spending millions and millions of pounds right now in preparation for Christmas. You just got to go where they’re looking and make sure your product or service shows up. So search for hashtag Christmas gifts, hashtag unusual Christmas gifts, search on social media and start helping people to find your product or service sales is not just for Christmas. You’ve got to do it every day. If you’re not selling every day, if you’re not sending out messages Facebooking tweeting ringing people emailing people if you’re not selling every day, then sales aren’t going to come in every day. One of the things we talk about on pop up Business School is no zero days, especially when people are in a buying mood like they are now in the run up to Christmas. Make sure you have no zero days and every single day in the lead up to Christmas. You are selling, selling, selling. Take advantage of this opportunity. Money is in play and get out there and build your business. Good luck. Let us know how it goes. Happy Christmas!