Tips on S.E.O When You’re Starting a Business

S.E.O or Search Engine Optimisation is vital when setting up your business and your website. Alan gives you his three top tips on what you should do when getting started.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


In this short video, I want to give you the top three tips to think about for search engine optimization or SEO, when you’re launching your business and getting going. The first is we need to put our mindset in the customers shoes, we need to think about what our customers are searching for online, that you need to show up for. So let’s say you’re a craft brewery, you’re making beer. Are your customers searching for craft beer? Are they searching for beer, London? Are they searching for brewery tools? What are the customers searching for, that you want to show up for? And one of the best ways that you can start to find this stuff out is if you go to Google, and right at the top, you start to type in beer or craft brewery, Google will automatically show a drop down box of possible matches to those searches. And what is saying is here is the top list that you might be searching for. That gives you as a business owner a fabulous set of clues as to what people might be searching for. So step one, start to think about what your customer is searching for. And those are your key words or key phrases. Step two, is what do you do with those key words or phrases? Where do you stick them? Well, many places. Basically, what happens on the internet is that we that consumers search for things, whether it’s in Google or Twitter, or Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Youtube, it doesn’t really matter. We’re typing in keywords. And what we’re looking to do is match those keywords to our websites and to our social media profiles. So you take the keywords you’ve identified in step one, and you put them into the title of your website page, you put them into the descriptions on your website page, you put them into the metadata for your website page. And everything in your page aligns to what your customers are searching for. You also go to your social media profiles. So make sure that has the keywords in you go to LinkedIn and make sure your bio has the keywords in the keywords are what makes your BIOS website YouTube channel podcast searchable, and is what Google will start to list. The third is the specificity of what people are searching for. So if you are going for a keyword like we’ve got one business here at Papa Brent cross, that is an event styling business. So they will bring in sort of boards and banners and different bits for your events. If she goes for the keyword events, that is so broad, there’s so much competition. And it’s a really tough one to get to the top of the Google rankings for if you were to narrow that down and go for events styling, or events styling London, or events styling for weddings in London, that specific phrase is far easier to get to the top of than just events. So what we’re looking to do is find out specific phrases that your customers will be searching for. When they’re actively in the process of buying. And those sort of longtail keywords, those long phrases are what we then to make sure our website pages show up for so the more keywords the more specific or the more full the sentences, the more accurately your page will match what people are searching for, and the higher the Google rankings you will appear. So the three tips are, number one,

work out what people will be searching for. Number two, put those through your titles, headlines, metadata, picture captions on social media, put those keywords throughout your websites in different bit. And number three is the magic of the specificity or the long form keywords will allow you to get specific customers that are looking for exactly what you’re selling. So there is a simple guide to help you get going with search engine optimization. If you want to know more, send us a message below or get in touch. Thank you for tuning into our channel. As of this week. We’re moving to three videos a week, one on Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. And our plan is to make them higher quality, longer videos that give you better information, and we’ll do them slightly less frequently. Please subscribe to the channel for the latest videos all about starting up business He says I’m making money doing what you love and send us your questions in the comments we’d love to help you build a business and make money doing what you love.