Do you want to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs?

Students from across the spectrum of academic performance are considering side hustles and business more than ever before. From those that struggle in academic environments through to high-performance academic students everyone in between. 


It’s never been more possible for young people to make money doing what they love. What they need are people to light the spark and show them how. 


The Rebel Business School is working with Solihull Council and schools across Solihull to encourage students to Think Like A Rebel. This is all about inspiring young people across Solihull to develop the mindset of being entrepreneurial.


(If you haven’t already you can download our introduction to Think like a Rebel below).

What does Think Like a Rebel mean?

 Most people follow the crowd. Rebels think for themselves and choose their own path.

Most people worry, or moan and put up with things. Rebels choose to do something about it

Most people stay in their comfort zones. Rebels choose to challenge themselves.

Most people are scared to fail. Rebels choose to embrace failure and learn as they grow.

Most people choose ordinary lives. Rebels create an extraordinary life for themselves.


This November, Rebel Business School are helping teenagers across Solihull to experiment with business ideas and open their eyes to new opportunities. 

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How is this Possible?

Thanks to our partnership with Solihull Council and funding from GBSLEP we’re running this initiative to support students for FREE. No Upsell, No budget allocation or nonsense. Just simple and easy to follow lesson plans available for you that need minimum prep.

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Female presenter talking to an audience

Who is the Rebel Business School?

Our trainers haven’t just “got a business degree”, they’ve started businesses, had successes, made mistakes, started again and have the scars to show for it.

Rebel Business School has been teaching a different way to build business since 2011 and have helped over 10,000 people from across the world 

Our honest and informal way of teaching uses practical and modern methods that create immediate results from hands-on action.

We’re making business possible for anyone willing to take the leap. 

The extraordinary belongs to those who create it.

Male presenter talking to an audience