There’s No Time like the Present

Alan starts your week with some motivation. Don’t wait to start your business. Start NOW!

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


There has never been a better time to start a business than right now. And I wanted to do this video to say to you, if you are thinking about getting going, if you’ve had an idea for a business, if you’ve ever had a thought of you want to make your own money, doing what you love, then now is the time to get going. The reasons it’s never been a better time is because the things you need are now available for free. The internet’s changed the game. And now within an afternoon, you can build a free website from scratch with services like we believe it’s incredible what you can create. Number two, social media has made it easier than ever before to find the customers that you want to find to help your business grow. With things like Twitter, and Facebook and Instagram, you can now speak to exactly the people you want to sell your product to, for free. And instantly. And number three, the technology you now carry in your pocket is so incredibly powerful. You can launch your own TV station from your phone, you can build your website from your phone, you can communicate from customers from your phone, it is incredible, what you have the ability to do. And now you from home can compete with the largest companies out there to launch your business and find customers. So those are the three reasons why I think now is the time to start your business. And you might be thinking, well, Alan, I’ve had this idea for ages. What if I’ve missed the boat? What if I’ve not started? Well, now is the best time to start. Two or three years ago would have been even better. But now is the best time. If you wait a year to start your business and you don’t do anything until this time next year. You’ve wasted a year that you could have been progressing and selling your business. Now is the best time to start tomorrow. It’s too late. Start now. And the people that we found that have made the most progress in the Popup Business School have a relentless sense of urgency about getting things done quickly. So start your business immediately. Get out there and get going or better yet sign up to one of our courses. We’ve gotten coming up in Croydon reading, Bristol, brain, cross and all over the country. So come along to one of our events and let us help you start your business for free and make money doing what you love.