The Secret to Being Creative

Being a creative is the true definition of doing what you love, but are you missing a vital aspect for your business? Simon reveals all in this video straight from Reading PopUp.

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Music fans are very similar to customers have businesses, that they are lazy, and they are busy. And actually, the fact that your art is incredible isn’t enough. The fact that you sound amazing, who cares? The fact that you’re one of the best artists to ever graced the streets of reading, it doesn’t matter. It’s meaningless. Unless, in that moment you capture them. It’s almost I want you kind of walking around with fishing nets for customers, fishing nets for your fans. And as soon as someone shows some interest, we’ve got to pull them in. Because that’s the moment when they’re going to go again, this that’s the moment when we need to get their name, and their email address. That’s the first step. The second step is we need to communicate with them regularly. Notice I’m selling, I’m saying the words communicate regularly, not sell regularly. Because actually, there’s a thing here that we don’t want to be hard selling all the time. What we want to do is to treat our fans, like their fans, they don’t necessarily want to spend money every time but what they want to know is what’s going on behind the scenes. What are you working on at the moment? What exciting stuff is happening? Where are you going to be next? What thoughts have you got going through your mind? What are your influences what inspires you all of this stuff, is lovely information for you to be able to communicate regularly with your fans, so that they become true fans, and not just the 500 likes on Facebook, people that never really do anything. It’s the true fans. And this is how we build them. First, we’ve got to capture them. Second, we’ve got to make friends with them and chat to them regularly and tell them what’s going on. And then when it does come to selling time, most of your true fans are going to be interested in buying your stuff, because they’ve been part of the journey with you. And if I look back, and one of the biggest regrets over that period of time, and I think of all of the 1000s of people that we played in front of all over the country, that they came to the show and they said Great stuff. And what a fantastic time you started just like this other band that I saw once but you’re any better and all of it means absolutely nothing unless you can capture it in some way. Capture. And then we got to communicate, we’ve got to work the list baby and that’s the list grows. You get closer and closer to that that magic number that you’ve just been talking about. That’s the time when you’ll find the freedom that you want to have the art that you’ve created. Whatever your art is, whether it’s presenting, painting, singing, fighting, building, making, whatever your version of artists. This is deep, isn’t it? made you think again? Are you sleep you’ve gone to sleep. Simon’s gone off and on about the band thing again..