The Key to Negotiation

Everything is open for negotiation in Business. What’s the first secret to Negotiation? Just ask… That’s it. Alan tells you more in this video straight from Reading PopUp.

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The number one secret to negotiation is asking for it, asking for what you want. And actually, this is what most people forget when they’re doing it. My wife went on a training course a few years back. And the tip from the training course was to ask the question, Is that the best price you can do? Pretty much anytime you’re buying anything, is that the best price you can do? So when we’re on holiday in America last year, every single hotel we went to my wife would have her trick. She would kind of smile and go sell the best price you can do. And guess what she did after she asked that question. Don’t say anything? She said nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because if you say nothing, what does the other person have to do? They have to say something. They have to say something. And if you’re smiling, they will smile too. It’s quite a game. It’s good fun. And I’ll tell you what, she got a discount in 60 to 70% of hotels that we walked into just by asking the question, but I don’t think people realise that no matter where you’re going, it is possible to negotiate. My mum taught me this. She negotiates in Waitrose, I get a little bit embarrassed. What are you doing mum? It’s a potato, just pay the 50p. She’s like, No, I’m a pensioner. I can have it for 40p. But it doesn’t matter where you go. You can negotiate if you ask for it, if you ask for it. And it doesn’t always have to be an exact discount. Some places go well, I can’t give you a discount, but I can upgrade your room. And actually, there’s a really important bit here, which we’ll come on to later, is having a reason for asking for it. So we’ve just had the reason is because it was scratched. The reason is because it’s my birthday. The reason is, I’m going on honeymoon, you need a reason. So if you don’t like my wife’s just smiles, she leans in and says, is that your best price and she kind of smiles? If they say no, I tend to pipe up and go, you don’t have an English person discount do. Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, it’s Christmas time. It’s a Friday, it’s cold outside, Sell me the coat for cheaper. I really need it. It doesn’t matter what it is. But you do need a reason. You do need a reason. So there is asked for it. And the sub context is what’s the reason? Thanks for tuning into the channel today. And we are here to provide you entrepreneurial and startup advice to help you build a business and make money doing what you love. Hit subscribe, and you will be kept up to date with the latest videos. And we will keep supporting you in your journey to building a business.