The Importance of Building Your List

Taken from Alan’s talk at the M3 Job Club, we talk about how building your contact-base can help increase your social position and your Businesses traction.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


And part of networking, one of the first things you should be looking to do whenever you meet someone, whether it’s an interview, whether it’s a networking environment, whatever it is, is find those similarities. Find those similarities, quickest way to do it is start asking questions, start asking questions. So that’s the first bit that I wanted to really give you is that people like what’s similar, that if we can find that common ground, it creates a relationship far quicker than nearly anything else. I was given some advice recently, quite often people put out tenders in business for pieces of work you can apply for. And the advice that given to me is, if a tender comes out. Yeah, it’s probably too late. If you’ve never spoken to anyone in that business, who’s tendering for the who’s trying to buy the piece of work, if you don’t have any contacts, don’t bother filling out because you’re in a random putting in your CV as a business to win that. And it’s a waste of my time doing it. And I think sometimes, it’s a waste of our time doing some of this stuff. For the 20%, we need to find the other percent, because the weirdnesses that go on in companies, if you can find the right person to talk to, for me with my business. I hate tendering, which is counter map to me putting in a big piece of paperwork that says, here’s why we should get the business. I avoid it at all costs. Every piece of business I go for is I try and physically meet the human being and have a chat with them. Sometimes they have to put a tender out afterwards because they need three quotes. But guess what they’re really doing. They’re just getting the three quotes to validate what I’m doing. And then they’ll go with the person they’ve met and know. It’s really interesting how this works. And if you actually really get to know the person in business, they will tell you, I need to get around procurement, so I can buy you. Can you make sure your price comes in at 9999? So it’s not a 10 1000s? Or can you do this? Or can you tell me why you’re completely unique so that I don’t have to go through tendering. It’s really fascinating to find three other unique solutions as well. So I can compare apples without this. Yes, they really like you. They’ll do anything to by you, and to avoid all that other stuff because they don’t want to go through the work. And it’s similar in recruitment. If they really like you, they’ll avoid putting it out there to the rest of the world because they don’t want to do the work. They just want to hire you.