Our Guiding Principles

At every event we always finish with our 12 Guiding Rebel Principles.

These principles summarise the most important learnings from the course, and if you can live by these in life and business, then we believe it’s possible to make money doing anything you love.

  1. Everything you want in life is outside your comfort zone.
  2. Spend as much time building your confidence as you do in building your business.
  3. Done is better than perfect.
  4. Fail fast and fail cheap.
  5. The success of anything is built on trust.
  6. The more you give, the more you get.
  7. Sell something to someone.
  8. Business is about having money, not owing money.
  9. It’s all about your focus, baby!
  10. Start small, make the best of what you have and love it!
  11. Keeping customers is cheaper than finding customers.
  12. Have an unreasonable sense of urgency


Let us know how your business is going but more importantly, go out there and start making money!

What’s stopping you?

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