The Fastest Way to Get People to Visit Your Website

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So when you first launch your business, one of the most important things you build is your website. It’s your first marketing tool, you create this beautiful website. And then most of the business we speak to kind of believe that if they build it, people will come, which is the biggest load of rubbish ever, because no one comes unless you tell them about them. So the pop up Business School has come to Koozai. And we’re with Luke, Lord Commander and Chief of SEO here at Koozai. And he’s going to answer our questions about how do we get our website up the search engine rankings? And how do we get people to them? We’ve been collating the audience’s questions, and we’re ready to grill you look cool. Look forward to it. Excellent. So the first question for you, Luke is what’s the fastest way to get people to visit my website, I like to

divide it perhaps into like three steps, all of which need to be followed quite successfully. It’s not you know, as SEO is, it’s a long game. If you want quick results, initially as secure local listing, or Google My Business. That way it makes you eligible for your business to appear on the maps, you know, you’re looking on your phone, and so you got that map. Also, build a following on social social is by far the quickest way you can build up a following for your business and also a client base. And you know, tell your friends about your business, they may know people that might be interested in the service you’re trying to provide. And then also build up some local listing citations. So the Google My Business is good enough as far as getting on the map, but you need to sort of prove to Google that you’re a credible business. And actually, you know, you have X amount of local citations pointing to your business that shows you are a legitimate business. So I’d recommend getting that sorted. And then Then afterwards, you want to make sure that all your keywords are the correct keywords, and exactly what your users are searching for. There’s no point trying to target keywords that you assume your users might be searching for, if you’ve not justified it with research, because you might be looking for the completely wrong client. So I reckon research and behind sort of the keywords that are used to find a business like yours is important.

So what are the local citations that people need? Where Where do they actually go to find those and how do they get them. So

you’ve got loads of different websites, all the credible ones, usually what I use tends to go to so you’ve got like Yelp, yarn, the sun do sort of similar local listings, the independent screwed over UK, there are so many that sort of credible you need to be careful though, because some local listings could be classed as Link directories, which as far as Google is concerned, it’s against their sort of best practice, it’s that causes for a natural sort of link building, and that could get your website penalised, which could affect your rankings, but make sure they’re credible listings and make sure they’re sort of where you could imagine and are usually going and being like a dress up business that you go there and sort of go to your website.

So the second question we have Luke is, how do I know which keywords are right for my new business?

And there’s plenty of routes you can go down with this. You can speak directly to your clients. And so if someone visits your website, you can ask them you know, how did you find my website?