The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Simon plays the world’s easiest game of Musical Chairs and gives a life lessons that all entrepreneurs should know. Taken from the Reading PopUp November 2016

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


But I want to create a thought process for you about what’s it going to look and feel like over the next months, years as you progress with your business ideas. Okay, so everyone’s going to get involved. But to begin with, I need one volunteer, who feels like volunteers are very good. Fantastic. What was your name? Prem. Nice to meet you. I’m Simon. Thank you for volunteering round of applause. Apprentices let you off the hook. So what we’ve got here is a sort of, from and to type journey. So come and sit on this chair for me. Okay, so this chair is today. So the chair that she sat on represents all of us today, wherever you’re at with your ideas, you’ve turned up to a workshop, you’ve got some ideas, or maybe you’ve already got started with your business and you need to take the next step on whatever the version is that for you. I want you to think about that premise version is this parameters today feel like

bit lost.

Okay, target. And that chair over there is where you want to head to? Do you know what that is yet? Do you know what the idea is? Are you still searching for the right thing?

I know what my passion is, okay. Searching for the I’m searching for

the idea. And once you figure out the idea, and then you’ve you’re making progress, what’s the dream? What you’d why you’re doing this stuff? Is it because you want to be more money? Is it you want more freedom? Do you want to move somewhere else? Do you want the big holidays? What’s the thing? What’s in it for you? To be happier? Okay. Very good. Man. My passion is helping others. Right? And that makes me happy. Okay, fantastic. So if you could build a business that was around helping others, that would make you happy. And if you figured out how to make some money out of it, so that you didn’t have to earn money by working for someone else, that would be a good outcome for you. Right? Okay, fantastic. Now, this bit here, is all the steps that you need to take in order to get to that, okay, make sense. So this is your journey, this is the journey that you’re going to take. And the chair that you’re sat in is where we’re at today. So all the knowledge that you’ve got, and the thoughts that you’ve been having everything behind you is your past. Okay, there’s good stuff. There’s bad stuff, there’s stuff we can’t talk about at parties, but there’s some things that are in your past. What’s the best thing about the past? It’s over. It’s over, I can’t do much about that, like this is bit more interesting, I can do something about that. The watch out here is that there are some things that have happened in all of our pasts that are having an impact on our confidence to be able to make progress going forwards. Part of today is I’d like to help you release the bits of the past from your mind that you think actually that’s not helping me anymore. There’s good stuff back there, of course, and there’s it’s all good knowledge is all good experience. But when there’s negative feeling that’s preventing us from going forward, if you want if you think actually that’s me, I do need to deal with some of that stuff. We can have a private conversation afterwards, I can really help you with that. But for now, Prem, when you’re ready, I’d like you to take a journey to your success.

Random applause for instance, you did a great job. Come back to the beginning for me, we’re gonna do this two more times. Okay. Come back to your chair beginning for me. Let’s get everyone else involved now. Right. So here’s the thing. Life isn’t quite as easy as that. Is it? Okay, there’s some barriers that tend to hold us back. There’s things that prevent us from making the journey that we want to make. Prem, I’d like you to introduce you two things that get in the way of the journey that you’re trying to make. Folks. Can I ask you to come onto the dance floor here with me? Let’s make life a little bit trickier. There we go. Fantastic. Okay, so folks, you keep your feet still but you can lean and no kicking, scratching or gouging or biting and so I’ve not lost anyone yet in this in this exercise promo. I don’t want to lie to me today. Okay, so when you’re ready, I want you to think here we’ve got a whole bunch of challenges that life throws at you that just you wake up in the morning think yes, I feel good today. I’ve got to make progress on my business. And then the letter arrives on the doormat. It’s the bill that you weren’t expecting or is the parking ticket life just has this way of making a toughy and there’s there’s a very menacing looking barrier right at the head of their Martin strategically positioned Yeah Very good. From what IT consultant to another we have some challenges Okay, off you go Prem when you’re ready. They can’t touch me. Oh, yeah, they can Yeah, as long as is appropriate. Yeah, there we go. Get dodge, okay. Come back to the beginning. Come back and sit on your chair today. Stay there for a second folks. We got this one more time. What did you notice about that journey? More difficult? Of course it is. Yeah, cuz it’s a bit more realistic. There’s, we’ve got a Dodge and just when we think we’re heading somewhere actually we’ve got to take A slightly different route. Look, for me, half of the battle here is just knowing where you’re going. Right? Half the battle is just knowing where you’re going. If it isn’t exciting to you, you’re going to reach a barrier and you think I’ve done no offence yet. Today, I’m gonna go backwards, or I’m going to go off a complete tangent and do something completely different. Okay, so there’s two bits to this one is having the goal. And two is making it really exciting, because it’s really, really exciting. It gives you bounce back ability when you hit a barrier. And it also stops you from focusing on the stuff that’s happened in your life that isn’t really helping you. Because if it’s not that exciting, you’ll continually be you’ll be thinking about all the things that went wrong when you tried it last time. So for me, here’s the thing I’m gonna ask you to stand and this time, Face that way. Let me just show you how tricky it is whilst we’re taking the past with this to get where you’re going. Okay, so Prem in a second, I’m going to get you to go backwards this time, knowing that you’ve got a photographic memory Prem, I’m going to ask everybody to change places now. Okay, so change your positions, folks.

Okay, I think we’re ready to go. Probably you’re ready. Tell me how you feel now. Much more wonderful. Yes. Isn’t it interesting that when you’re not actually staring at the direction that you’re heading in, sometimes it can feel a little bit scarier. Okay, so Prem when you’re ready. You’re still smiling and you got a big smile, I think Yeah. Your mind your toes folks haven’t broken toes.

Applause for Prem folks. Isn’t that interesting? Like so you’re heading in this direction. And then if you’re not staring at where you’re going, some sort comes along and moves the chair, the goalposts change that comes like a seat, folks, and I’m gonna explain exactly what this means. But as we wander back, there’s some stuff that it probably means for you here, but some stuff that it means for you.