The Dangers of Publishing Your Website Early

PopUp Reading is in full swing, but that doesn’t stop Website Wednesday. Henry is here to answer the question of “When should I publish my website?” and why it doesn’t actually matter.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Hello, welcome to website Wednesday, I haven’t been a bit quiet because as you can see behind me, we are actually partway through the reading workshop which is going to be, which is in the Oracle reading, what I want to talk to you today are the dangers of early publishing of your website, if your social channels videos of any content, the danger that you might face by publishing this sort of stuff early. For number one, there isn’t any, there is no danger by putting stuff up early. Sure, you might have some spelling mistakes on there, some formatting mistakes, and your images might not look quite how you want them to look. That’s okay. Because Done is better than perfect. Having something up there something where your customers can come find you see stuff about you, and more importantly, buy from me or get in touch. That is the only thing you need. By publishing early, your websites, your blogs, your videos, all that kind of stuff, there is absolutely no danger. When publishing early. Something else that happens when you publish early. When you publish a website when you hover over that publish button, and you click that if you click that, and you don’t quite think websites finished. What’s the first thought you have? Oh, my God, first I still finished the about page isn’t right on the contact page hasn’t even got a phone number on it, it makes you do stuff, it makes you so much more productive. Because you’ve published a website, it’s out in the public eye, and you need to get that done. It makes your work faster. And it’s absolutely amazing the speed that you can work through when it’s live on the internet, about that people might see it. Is that a bad thing? If somebody sees a website, that’s brilliant, because we’re putting your business in front of them. And we’re showing people what you do. The danger of that is that there are over a billion other websites on the Internet. In 2014, we passed a billion websites online, what are the chances that one person is going to find your website within all of that, not just your website, but it’s also going to be a brand new website, it’s not going to be up any search rankings yet. So we’ve got to work really, really hard to drive traffic to it. So realistically, somebody might see it, the chances they might not. It’s not a problem, because if it’s not finished, it doesn’t matter because nobody’s going to be looking at it as such. We’ve got to drive a hell of a lot of traffic to your website. And that brings me back to my first point Done is better than perfect. Get it up there. Start showing about share the traffic, and most importantly, get the feedback. Find the people that will give you good feedback, find customers that tell you what they want to see on your website, because then you have a much better idea about what to put on there to give to your customers. Thanks for watching website Wednesday. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow us on YouTube. Keep up with all of our pub updates. We’re doing so much stuff at the moment is absolutely mental leading up to Christmas. We’re in two different places at once. Go be mad keep up to date, see what we’re getting on with. Click below to subscribe.