The Biggest Mistakes When Building a Website

Henry is back for Season 3 of Website Wednesday. This week we look at the three biggest mistakes people make when making a website for their small business.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Hello, welcome back to season three of website Wednesday. We absolutely love making these videos last time for you. I know they’ve had massive, massive success and you guys kind of really, really useful. So me and Jackie decided we want to keep farming and the information that’s in my head and actually the rest of the teams, and all of the stuff that we learned along the way. We helped so many people build websites, every single workshop that I I learned something new every single time too. So we want to share that with you. And that’s essentially what this whole season is about. This season, we’re going to go a little bit more in depth with some really specific stuff. I thought I’d start the season with this, which is the biggest three mistakes that people make when they are building a website. For a startup. I mean the grassroot style startup edition, you’re probably in, which is I’ve got my idea. I know what I want to do. I’ve not yet made any money. I’ve not found any customers and that’s what I need to do next. So I want to go through the mistakes that we use I’m going to use Weebly is our main one because that’s what we teach is what we use what we know the best first mistake that people make. When you first create your Weebly websites, Weebly account, it throws you straight into the builder, before it lets you build anything before it lets you make any decisions and choose your domain names or anything like that. It asks you this massive question. Do you want to sell online? Most of us are going to say yes I do. Because that’s the whole point we want. We’re building a website so you can make some money. Now, here’s what happens. If I click yes, on this button here on do I want to sell online. What that does is it puts me into Weebly e commerce platform, which is very similar to the standard standard Weebly editor. However, it puts you straight into a 14 day free trial of E commerce, where you fully upload products, you give them all descriptions, you give them prices, and people can buy stuff, straight from your website. A lot of people and we see this all the time the workshop, people say yes, because they want to sell stuff online. Actually, if you’re trying to build your website, and you don’t know whether your business is going to work or not, we’ve got a better way around for you. If you click not now, that will put you into the standard editor, it is much easier to navigate. It doesn’t try and get you to upload products and all this other stuff. It just lets you build your website. It just lets you put a front facing online presence for your business. Please hit not now. It makes your life endlessly easier. We’ve also got another video coming up in this series, which is show it’s going to be me showing you how to build a shop using Weebly through this not now button, and PayPal, because PayPal is what we recommend for a startup business, a grassroots startup, taking money online, and selling some of their stuff. So that’s number one. Number one mistake, please make sure you press not now, don’t press yes, because it will give you this complete other thing that you don’t yet me, it’s too much for what you’re trying to do. And just now number two, the second biggest mistake that people make is they try and put everything that is up here onto the website. Now that seems really obvious, but you need to be so focused with this stuff. Because if you create a website that has all of the ideas and all of the information about your story and all of this stuff, two things gonna happen. The first one, you’re going to go insane, because it’s going to take you so long to create, it’s going to be so frustrating to actually build it make it look nice, because essentially, you just got a brain dump. You put everything out of here onto that page. And the second one is that if your customers look at a website that is completely scattered, and doesn’t really have a proper focus, it’s not clear, you’re going to lose customers, people are going to leave your website. So that’s the second biggest mistake is be focused, choose the one thing that you’re going to do and just talk about that. All of the other stuff, we can add that later, we can grow the website as you grow your business. Don’t try and create your website where it needs to end. And number three is the most important to me, just the one that I see the most often is people do not ask for the sale. That is one of the three most important things that you need to do on your website. People need to be able to look at your website name is to be able to see what it is that you do, why you’re different, and what you want them to do next. What is the next action by now?

See a gallery See the shop, call me get in touch book a meeting. Whatever your call to action is, be clear. Make sure it’s on there. Because that is something that so many people miss out and actually just generates business. It tells your customers what they need to do your customers are lazy and they are busy. They’re not going to figure out for themselves, we have to show them we have to tell them what it is we want them to do. So those are my three last six, three biggest mistakes that people make when they are creating their new websites. I wanted to share those with you so you can have a running start when you start your website. Please don’t make these mistakes, go and make new ones and then I’ll make another video about that in the next season. Have a great time. Hope that was useful. See you next time.