The Biggest Impact on Business Growth

We celebrate fifty Daily PopUps and Simon and Alan celebrate the only way they know how. By giving you advice on growing your business!

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Today is the day where we’ve posted our 50th video, we’re about to this is it, our 50th video. So for the last 50 days, we’ve been posting videos on our YouTube channel 50 consecutive days. And what we started out doing was a YouTube experiment, because we talk about YouTube a lot of our events, and we didn’t actually have a channel of our own that was starting to kick it. And that’s what we’ve wanted.

We wanted to share inspiration, daily startup advice, things to get you going. That’s all we wanted to do. And we’ve done it for 50 days. And we’re here now

that I think we’re gonna continue on we Yes, that’s good news for you, Jack. We’re definitely gonna continue, Jack, you’ve done a good job. And so not only are we going to continue, but we’re going to ramp it up. Because one of the things that we’ve been talking about today is that we’re not waking up in the morning scratching our heads going, Oh, I don’t know what we’re going to talk about. On today’s video, we’ve got so much stuff to share with you. And our biggest challenge, actually, one of our conversations today is how do we balance our content with, you know, videos that are going to be interesting that don’t go on too long. And they kind of say, well actually hang on a minute, we’ve got 1520 minutes worth of stuff, let’s just stick it on there, you get to figure out whether you want to watch it or not, we’re going to continue putting out the best content that we can. We want to inspire people, we want to give people that business information that they need in this very fast changing world to be successful with their business ideas. That’s what this stuff is about. For our

50th Episode we thought we do for you three top tips on sales, because Simon asked me the question, if we could do one thing that would have the biggest impact on our business growth, sales, sales, is it. So here’s the three top tips.

The first thing that jumped into my head straightaway, and we’ve posted a blog post on this subject as well, is about energy sales is just the transfer of energy and excitement from you, to whoever your customer is going to be. So for you know, for us, the thing that’s changed everything is when we’ve turned the dial on the amount of energy that we put in. Because if we don’t have energy and excitement for what we’re doing, no one else is going to have energy and excitement for it. So actually, that’s had a massive impact. And the blog post, if you check out our blog, a blog post about energy is all about putting energy out, we often talk about how much energy we’ve got to put in. But the biggest impact has been happening when we put our energy out there. And we’ve gone out of our way to inspire other people to get involved in the kind of stuff that we’re doing. And it’s starting to reap some fascinating rewards. So tip number one is all about your energy.

Tip number two is about being clear and concise with what you’re offering to people. Quite often you have nice conversations with people, but they don’t actually get what can I buy? What exactly is it? And when we first start out, I don’t think we as entrepreneurs have even figured out what exactly it is we’re trying to sell, which makes it really difficult for someone to buy. So it needs to be clear and concise, it’s less package, it’s this item, it’s this amount, this is what you get back, here’s the value you get. Here’s the specifics. If that clear and concise, it’s easy for people to buy from you. So you infect him with your energy, make it clear and concise. That’s number two.

And number three is all about your habits. Because I think one of the mistakes that both of us have made when we’ve got really busy is where sales just haven’t happened. It’s just kind of tailed off, we get a moment of energy and excitement, we look at our calendar and think there’s not much stuff coming up. We better get on sales quickly. So we will send emails, we’ll make phone calls, and we’ll make stuff happen. And then we get into delivery mode. And then the sales start to tail off again because the too busy delivering. But actually your daily habits doing something every day to grow your business can have a huge impact because that means that a little bit is happening on the sales front every single day and it’s those daily habits that then mount up into something really quite special in terms of the amount of sales that you’re able to generate.

So create great energy, get clear and concise on what you’re selling and do it every single day. If you do that you will sell more and your business will grow.