Surround Yourself with the Right People

Rebel Business School presents their new Monday Motivation series where Co-Founder Alan Donegan gives you a new motivating tip to get you through the work week. This week, we discuss working from home and ways you can keep yourself motivated when working alone.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Welcome to Monday morning motivation. And today’s idea for you is all about people. Starting your own business, working from home can sometimes be a lonely thing. And if you’re lonely, sometimes it’s a struggle to pick yourself up with energy to get going. The antidote to this is either to motivate yourself using some of the other tips from other weeks, or just to get out and get around people work with other people. Now, hopefully you remember the Facebook support group for the pop up business school, if not search, Popup Business Support in facebook and join and get around the other entrepreneurs share ideas, talk to people do those things. Or if you’ve come on a Popup Business School, then you’ve got a group of entrepreneurs that you’ve met in the local area, meet up for a coffee, work together, maybe even with one of the ones you’re close to, if you work on their business for an hour and help them and then they work on your business for an hour and help you if you work around other people, you’ll find it gives you energy and motivation. There’s one key warning and distinction I want you to take away though, is that there are the people out there that will suck the energy out of you. And there are people out there that will motivate you and give you massive energy. Be careful who you surround yourself with because their lives they lift you up or they’ll drag you down. So what you want to do is find other people with big energy with motivation that will help you to do more. So find other people to hang out with and take some of their energy and give some energy back and you will make things happen.