Start with the End in Mind

Rebel Business School presents their new Monday Motivation series where Co-Founder Alan Donegan gives you a new motivating tip, trick or message to get you through the work week.

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Start with the end in mind. Well, that’s one of the seven habits of highly effective people from Stephen Covey’s book. But I didn’t really grasp what it meant until recently. And one of the exercises that I use to motivate myself, and also when I’m hanging out with Katie, is we start with the end in mind. And we write down, we make notes on the computer. The date is now December 2017, or it is now September 2018. And I’m nearing 40 years old. And I start to imagine what the world is going to be like. And by imagining what I want the world to be like, it inspires me, and it gives me the energy to do things. And then I break that down to what steps to actually need to take to get things done. I did this this Saturday morning, we went out on a Saturday morning, I wrote notes of what I wanted the world to be like what I wanted to make happen, and that inspired me to take massive action to make my life that way. So what I want you to do is get out a pen and a piece of paper or get out your laptop and start writing notes. Maybe do it for the week. You start on a Monday morning and write out it is now Friday and I have it is or maybe it is it is now August of 2017. And this month, I have a write out what you’ve done. And then take those things and make them real. If you aren’t going to make anything in your life real. It’s up to you to take action.