South Norwood Business Builder Programme - May 2022

16 May – 1 June 2022 | Mon & Wed 4pm-6pm

Who are Rebel Business school?


Everything you need to know

6 Sessions over 3 Weeks

Monday & Wednesdays: 16th May – 1st June

Online via Zoom 

4pm – 6pm. Every Monday & Wednesday

The course is live, there is no recording but we will send out written course summaries via email.
Please block out the time in your diary.

Free (Yes, really!)

Our Award-Winning course now available online, for South Norwood residents.

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Your Questions, Our Answers

What is the Rebel Business School?

We make starting a business achievable for anyone and everyone.
Since 2011, our courses have been showing a new way of thinking and practical ways to get your business idea off the ground. With over 11,000 rebels helped so far and the recent honour of winning The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Promoting Opportunity, we’re proving that business has changed and needs to be taught differently.

How is the course free?

This programme is being funded by the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund as part of the South Norwood Regeneration Programme. They pay so we can give the course away to free for anyone.

No one has EVER paid to attend a Rebel Business School anywhere in the world. NO Upselling. NO surprises. NO hidden terms and conditions. We promise.

Why should I attend?

Whether you are a South Norwood resident at the beginning of your journey, already established business, or building your side hustle, our course will give you the information, inspiration, and practical advice you need.

Ready to take the first step and get un-stuck?.



Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

Each session runs from 4pm-6pm.

Session One – Build a Business for Free

May 16th, 4pm-6pm on Zoom

Learn how to build a business using modern tools and shifting your mindset on what you need to get started.


Session Two – Start with Sales

May 18th, 4pm-6pm on Zoom

If you’re not making sales, you don’t have a business. Focus on your customer, pricing and closing the deal.


Session Three – Level Up Your Marketing

May 23rd, 4pm-6pm on Zoom

We’ll show how you can attract customers with strong and direct marketing and how to further your reach with social media.

Session Four – Registering your Business

May 25th, 4pm-6pm on Zoom

Explore which company structure is right for your business and how to register your business with HMRC.


Session Five – Applying for Grants

May 30th, 4pm-6pm on Zoom

Learn how to get funding for your business without taking out a loan and discover what grant programmes are looking for.


Session Six – Mindset for Business Owners

June 1st, 4pm-6pm on Zoom

This closing session will focus on the people that fuel the business. You need to look after yourself to make sure the business continues to move efficiently.

Joanna Van Blommestein

I can honestly say it’s changed my life!

I feel so proud that I’ve made the leap into setting up my own business and I know I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t attended.

Mark Young

I dread to think what mess I would be in today if I had not done the course.

Right from the start, I realised I was about to put another millstone around my neck if I continued with the lease and loan.

natasha brathwaite

Going on the course gave me the confidence to make things happen.

If I didn’t attend, I don’t believe I would have got as far as I have and given me the leverage to take it the next level for 2021. You may not get this kind of opportunity anywhere else, not for free anyway!

Female presenter talking to an audience

Our Trainers

Our trainers haven’t just “got a business degree”, they’ve started businesses, had successes, made mistakes, started again and have the scars to show for it.

Rebel teaches from experience. We share our successes and failures (and from those that have been through our courses.) We share our mistakes so you don’t make the same ones and then learn together when new ones arise.

Our honest and informal way of teaching uses practical and modern methods that create immediate results from hands-on action.

We’re making business possible for anyone willing to take the leap. 

The extraordinary belongs to those who create it.

Male presenter talking to an audience

Our Partners

We work with partners across the country so that we can give the course away for free.

Our partners have funded this event which enables us to give our course away to all making it the first truly accessible business support.

No one has EVER paid to attend a Rebel Business School anywhere in the world.
This means our sole effort is put into making sure that you get the most out of the course and that you get the results you need.

Rebel Business School

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