Setting Realistic Expectations

Rebel Business School presents their new Monday Motivation series where Co-Founder Alan Donegan gives you a new motivating tip, trick or message to get you through the work week.

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having unrealistic expectations of what you can achieve in a certain timeframe always kills motivation and energy. So let me give you an example of that. I always remember a quite a few years ago, I’d put on some weight as I got a little bit older, and I started to diet to lose it. And I remember specifically driving to Sainsbury’s after two weeks of dieting. And I looked at Katie, my wife and said, Why isn’t this working? I’m still fat. It was two weeks, it was two weeks, the book said, You’ve got to take six months, and you’re not going to lose a stone in two weeks, while not healthfully Anyway, you’ve got to have realistic expectations, that is going to take a period of time to get there. And actually, the real key success is small efforts compounded over time. So I don’t want you to get motivated and pumped up and do calls for one day and stop and then go, I’ve been calling people all day, why haven’t I sold anything. That’s not the game. It’s about doing the effort every single day, and having realistic expectations of where you want to get to. So if you put effort and energy in day after day, that will compound over time to get you to the result you want to get to. If you think you’re going to get there tomorrow, that’s not going to happen. So what you’ve got to do is set realistic expectations and know that if you make five sales calls a day, for the next three months, you’ll start to get clients. If you promote your website every single day on Twitter, and Facebook and you do it for half an hour every single day that will compound over time and lead you where you want to get to. What you need to do is have realistic expectations and take action every single day. Not just on Monday when I do a video for you.