Sell Something to Someone

Alan is at the local market – The home of the budding entrepreneur to remind you on the most important element of business: Sales

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


So where are you selling your product? Jack and I were just walking past Basingstoke market. And we were inspired to do this video for you. Are you going to where your customers are and selling to them? Shouting to the passers by pitching your product and getting out there? How much energy are you putting in selling your product or service? Now, I don’t know what you’ve got should be sold on the market. But the principle is the same. Go to where the audience is, and pitch it and sell it. Go to the networking meeting, go to the market, go to the craft fair. Go and sell what you’re doing. So Jack and I wanted to do this video. I would love to sell you a challenge to get out there this week coming and sell your product or service to real life customers.