Sell Outside The Box

We are in Simon’s Homeland of Southampton for Today’s challenge Tuesday. He discusses how where you sell, affects who you sell to. And why this could be great for finding new customers.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Hi, we’re in Southampton is my home city. It’s fantastic to be back. I’ve seen the sea and everything, which when you live in the Midlands, it’s a luxury. So today is challenge Tuesday. And the challenge for today is, well, this, we’re inside a Thai restaurant to run the pop up business school today. It’s called the Royal Thai pair. It’s on the seafront in Southampton. It’s a fantastic location. And that’s made me think actually, what everybody needs to do for their business is to get their products and their services in front of people. And we’ve met and we’ve helped some businesses that have taken their business into some really random locations, because that’s where people are. Let me give you some examples. You could take your products and your service into an independent cafe. If you did a deal with the cafe owner, that let you do your stuff inside their cafe, you’ll get the opportunity to get your products in front of customers that you’d never normally meet. And you get the chance to add some value to their cafe. Like, for example, the carpenter that took the finishing touches of the doll’s house that he was making to his local cafe. So the challenge for you is this, take your product or service and take it to a place that you’d never normally take it. And if you can find somewhere where your customers are going to be, it will be even more powerful for you. So we’re going to be in Southampton for three days. Today’s the first day, it’s all about how to start a business with no money tomorrow how to make a fantastic website for free. I mean, this website platform that we use is brilliant. It’s so easy to use. Even my seven year old can build websites, and they look better than mine. And then on Thursday, we’re going to be talking about social media, we’ll be showing you how to get a social media account and take it through all the way to getting a customer and making a sale. So that’s three days in South Hampton. If you have not made it down today, that’s okay, you can still come. What we’d like you to do is to press subscribe on the YouTube button, please subscribe to our channel. Why? Because we’re creating content every single day. So we’re releasing great content for you on a daily basis to help you start your business and grow your business. And if you want some more information from us, you can visit our website That help