It's time to become a Rebel

Maybe you’ve got a ton of ideas that could be great businesses, maybe you’ve been working on your side-hustle for a while but feel overwhelmed or perhaps you just know you don’t want to work for a boss anymore.

No matter where you’re starting from, we’ll show you how to make your dream business possible.

So, what are you waiting for?


5 Ways to Start a Business for Free

On Tuesday 6th June at 1.30pm we’ll show you what our 18,000+ students have in common that helps them to find success and how you can have it too (without spending a single penny!!)

The content you need, the way you want it

Since 2012 we’ve helped thousands of people to start businesses – some conventional like shops, accountants and marketing agencies others more creative like laughing yoga, puppy party organising and making pin badges.

No matter how conventional or far out your idea is, we’ll help you figure out how to turn it into a business without getting into debt or making you write a lengthy complex business plan!

We’re not going to judge your business idea and we are certainly not going to judge how you like to get your information. Here are the blogs, podcasts and videos that we recommend you start with if you’re ready to explore your business ideas and prepare you for life as a Rebel entrepreneur!

Blogs to help you start and grow your business

“It was refreshing to learn tips on how to start with few resources and I immediately put them into practice. Following up on leads from this exercise enabled me to register on an online language platform. This immediately connected me with ready buyers and I could access students from all over the world.”

- Millie Nwadiaro, Real Talk With Millie

Top episodes from The Rebel Entrepreneur Podcast

In my first six months of business, I had six different clients and had three more secured for next year!

Attending the Rebel Business School changed everything for me and kickstarted my small business idea. I learnt that I need to put myself forward and continuously network for work as you never know where you will find your next client.

– Iulia Costinescu, Virtual Assistant