No room for RACISM

At Rebel, we are committed to providing a business education for all.
In order to do that, we must challenge racism is all it’s forms and strive for equality inside and outside the company.  
The following is our promise and long term commitment to anti-racism.

Continuous anti-racist education 

At Rebel, we’re committing time and money to receive anti-racism and unconscious education for our whole team. This will be on an ongoing basis. We will be receiving training, taking courses, reading books, and hiring a DEI consultant. 

Committing to open conflict and allowing discomfort

When conflict arises within the team and in our courses/communities, we won’t try to delete, hide it or ignore it. We will acknowledge the conflict and allow team and community members to be heard and deal with the underlying issue.

Investing and supporting in black owned businesses

We’re working on hiring black employees, teachers, vendors and contractors. Investing in black communities in an ongoing basis. 

Supporting and encouraging anti-racist learning 

We will be supporting and encouraging our staff to engage in anti-racist learning by providing necessary reading material, courses, and a discussion space.

‘To bring about change, you must not be afraid to take the first step. We will fail when we fail to try. – Rosa Parks

We can’t promise to be perfect but we can promise to give it our best, to take action and to keep trying. 

Support Black Entrepreneurs