Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Henry guides you round the HUGE PopUp Reading Unit whilst letting you in on what skills you will need to be at the top of your game with your business.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


So we were asked a question the other day, what are the top qualities of a successful entrepreneur, there’s a few things that you might want. You got to love it. The one of the top things, you’ve got to love what you do, you’ve got to be able to get up every single day, and you’ve got to love doing it. Otherwise, it’s gonna get very bad very quickly. You’ve got to love it, you’re gonna have resilience, you’ve got to, you’ve got to be able to accept when people say, No, you’ve got to get back up, you’ve got to learn from the failures, you’ve got to learn from the nose, draw positives from them, and then that gives you so much more power to carry on and keep doing stuff that you want to do. Confidence. Confidence is so big, or at least even want to grow your confidence. Because if you haven’t got confidence, you haven’t got people skills, you can’t go and talk to random people, and the people that you need to speak to, how are you going to do anything? Confidence is key. Opportunities, you got to take opportunities, you got to have drive, you’ve got to have the motivation to go and do it. And the most important thing, the one, if I could give you everything else that overlaps all of that, you’ve got to do it, you have to go out you have to make the moves, you have to go and do the stuff that’s going to make stuff happen. Because otherwise nothing will happen. If you sit and wait for it, it’ll never happen. You’ve got to go and do it. If all else above all else, you’ve got to go and do it got to get up, got to go do it, make stuff happen, because that’s when the money starts coming in. And that’s when a business things start to happen. So on that point, you’ll notice that I’m walking around some big, huge empty shop. We’ve got this massive opportunity in reading him for our next pop up workshop. We’ve got a whole store for people to come in, start their businesses, stay with us for two weeks, learn everything that they need to learn about starting a business. It’s the people that come along to that the people that get up and do it, take action, turn up to this event. They’re the people that are going to start succeeding being entrepreneur, above all else, take action, make stuff happen. Also, before I leave, don’t forget to subscribe, subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow the stuff we’re doing. For more information about all of the stuff that’s going on, click this button down here. That’ll take you straight to the popup reading page. It’ll give you all of the information about this opportunity. And I also have links through to other opportunities that we’ve got going on as well. Let’s give you what you need to succeed.