Punch Monday in the Face

Mondays are tough. Although, they don’t have to be. Alan gives you five tips for you to get motivated whether it’s Monday Morning, Friday Afternoon or just another Wednesday.

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So how do you stay motivated to keep your business growing? How do you get the most important things done each day? How do you make sure that no matter whether it’s a Monday morning, or last thing on a Friday afternoon, you still get stuff done. My name is Alan Donegan. I’m from the Popup Business School. And we’ve been travelling around the country recently helping past participants of our courses. And one of the things that you wanted me to cover was, how do you stay motivated? How do you keep going? So that’s what this video is all about five ways to keep you motivated, whether it’s a Monday morning, or Friday afternoon, or random Tuesday in the middle of the month. Here’s how you can keep motivated and get stuff done. Number one is all about the why. Buying is Tony Robbins that says if you have a big enough why any how becomes possible. And I’ve definitely experienced in that in the past. Sometimes things have to get bad, to give me a big way to get motivated to do things. If you ever got down to your last bit of money in the bank, and you’d be motivated to go out there and make something happen. or something’s Bad’s happened. So you’ve had to take action. You don’t have to wait for those situations. You just need to work out your Why? Why are you building your business? Why do you want to get stuff done every day? If you can get a big enough why that will motivate you to do what you need to do on a daily basis. So what are the whys? Is it? Because you want to buy nice things for your kids? Are you doing this because you want to help other people? Are you doing this to make a difference in the world? Are you doing this to make cash and you’ve got to have that to do whatever it is you need to do in your life? Do you need to pay your bills? What’s the why? If you can have a big enough why anyhow becomes possible. So start to write down all the reasons why you need to do what you need to do. Number two, is the 15 Minute Rule. Now, if you’ve been putting off doing something like building your website, making phone calls, getting in touch with people, whatever it is, if you’ve been putting it off, what I want you to do is set aside 15 minutes to start and the promises that you will work for 15 minutes. And if you’re not into it at the end of the 15 minutes, if you’re not enjoying it, if it’s not going quite right, you have permission to stop, and you can schedule the next 15 minutes for the next day. The magic that happens though, is if you get into something and do it for just 15 minutes, you’ll find that it’s never as bad as you thought it was going to be. And actually what happens is you get kind of motivated and you keep going, if I put off cleaning the flat. If I just start for 15 minutes, I find the wisdom and then all of a sudden an hour and a half later, I’m still going cleaning the floors and shining the place up. If you just start for 15 minutes, that’s enough to get you going. You have permission to stop after the 15 minutes. But guaranteed what you’ll find is you won’t want to so put 15 minutes in the diary, right at the start of the day to get on with that pressing task. Number three is commit publicly to what you’ve said you’re going to do. Tell people about it. Because it’s really interesting, if you’re letting yourself down, but no one else knows about it. Quite often you let yourself off the hook. If you’ve told other people that you are going to do this, then all of a sudden, some external pressure, which helps you to get going. So if you think that I’ve got to get this done on Monday morning, then tell three people that you know will check on you to see if you’re doing it, put it on Facebook and tell people on Monday morning, I’m going to do this, I’m going to build my website, look out the links coming. What’s really fascinating is we will do more to stay true to what we’ve said to other people than we will for ourselves. So publicly declare what you’re going to do, it makes you far more likely to follow through and get stuff done. Number four, quite often, when you are wanting to do something, it’s about the way you feel or the state you’re in at that time. If you’re in a like not very motivated state, you know, what?

Do I have to do this? You don’t really get excited about stuff. You don’t make progress and you don’t want to do it. The quickest way to change your state to get motivated about doing something is to change your body language. And the most dramatic way to change your state is to jump up to have energy to sit tall. If you change how you move your body, you will change how you feel if you change how you feel. You can find that motivation so I don’t care what it is. Get up, move around, stand, jump have energy start bouncing around and What you’ll find is that energy that gets going inside you will rub off onto your tasks. Number five is deal with the toughest thing first. And we call this in the workshops, eating your frog. And the analogy is, let’s imagine I was to put a frog in a glass jar right next to your desk. And I was going to tell you that you had to Eat That Frog at five o’clock today. And that frog is there, staring at you blinking? For the entire day, it sat in some green slime, how productive would you be looking and staring at that frog all day, we probably wouldn’t get anything done. I know I wouldn’t. But the thing is, if you eat the frog first thing in the morning, there’s a sense of relief that comes from having done it, and you feel much better. And you actually get stuff done afterwards. And the interesting thing is, if you start with the frog, that’s the worst that can happen during the day, things can only get better from there. So our advice to you is do the toughest thing first, whether that’s a client, you’ve got to call that it’s not gone so well. Whether it’s the marketing you’ve got to do, maybe a frog is your website. If you start the day with that and get it done, it is amazing the motivation and the juice that you get from having cracked the toughest element. First thing that day. If you do those five things, you’ll find you’ll get loads more done every day, and your progress your business further. Three things to leave you with. Number one, subscribe to the channel now. We are doing daily videos Monday through Friday, to give you entrepreneurial advice, insights and things that will help you grow your business at a faster rate. So hit Subscribe now. Number two, share this video with someone you know someone that needs this message to help them feel more motivated or make more progress. So share this video and pass on the motivation. And number three, you fuel our channel. So any problems you have any things within your business that you’ve come up against, that you would like help with. Send us your questions. Send us your ideas, send us your problems. We want to help you succeed.