Profit from Passion

Alan interviews Past participant of the Rebel Business School – Rosie Burr about what’s she’s done since and how she’s now making money doing what she loves – Hand Balancing.

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So we wandering round Oxford this afternoon doing some work. And we came across the Rosie Burke, who was performing in the centre of Oxford, which will show you some clips of Rosie. It’s been ages since we met. Yes. At the Popup Business School in Redding.

Yep. No, I think it’s been about a year, hasn’t it? Yeah. Such a brilliant kind, of course that, you know, one week course, with everything in it. But yeah, basically, I finished university about a month or two ago now. And I did actually get a job as a food product developer in the area that I was supposed to be going to go out, you know, with my degree and but I decided that wasn’t really for me after a couple of days of working there. My brand. Excellent. And what is the business? So basically, it’s kind of creating a brand around my hand balancing at sports nutrition, trying to promote healthy living to young children, teaching hand balancing classes, and possibly venturing into yoga and combining it with hand balancing, to then build a kind of hand balancing yoga type thing. Huge amount on yes, no, it’s quite a lot.

So what have you been doing on it for the last year? And how’s it gone?

So it’s basically been building up the website at the moment. So pasting different things I’m interested in. I’m actually doing a sports nutrition course at the moment, just something that I’m interested in, so then I can become a sports nutrition advisor.

So if people were to buy your service, what would they be buying? So what are the options? What do you sell Rosie?

Well, I kind of sell myself service, I guess, in some ways. So you’re buying my knowledge? Well, I want to share my knowledge with everyone and help you live a healthy lifestyle, basically. So whether that’s me, helping you with your training goes with what you should be eating in order to reach your training goals. Whether you want to learn hand balancing anything really to do with sports, nutrition, healthy living, cool. I want to inspire people to get fit. I want to inspire young children, I want to inspire adults. I want people to try and take up hand balancing just to take up sport in general, what would the Olympics I think it’s the perfect time, you know, people who was inspired after the Olympics, say, can’t really give it a better time.

I guess one last question for me. If you had any thoughts for people that might be thinking of coming on a pop up business school, what would you tell them?

I would say 100%. Go for it. It is one of the best courses that I’ve done, especially in a week. Basically didn’t go to university. Well, maybe. Maybe they go to university, it’s up to you. But like I did that course and I was kind of questioning, you know, I’ve done a degree but did I really need to do that degree, if I would have just gone on your course. I would have then set up my own business straight away. So definitely such a good course. You get the practical experience, which is what you didn’t get University, which is what you need. And it makes you it changes your mindset. Yeah. Thank you very much.

I loved having you there. So where can people find you? What’s the website? Where are you on most Instagram or Twitter?

My website is That’s quite nice and easy to remember.

And then I probably use Instagram most like on Instagram calm, which is the RU Zebah. And then I also use Twitter but not quite so much. But I will start using on Facebook. I’ve got Facebook page there, Rosie.

Fantastic. Yeah. So find the Rosie PR online, check out the website and have a look. And we’ll be doing some more interviews coming up with different participants and people who’ve been on the course before. And if you’ve got any questions about what we can help with where you’ve got to your business, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about how to help the business grow next right now send them in and we will help you with them.