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The business podcast sharing the nitty gritty of what it’s really like to run a business, through conversations, interviews, live coaching and action-based teachings.

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What is Rebel Entrepreneur?

The whole purpose of this podcast is to help you build a business and make money doing something that you love.

This is the entrepreneurial education that The Rebel School co-founder’s Alan Donegan and Simon Paine wish they had when they started their business.

This entrepreneur podcast is designed to help you get going, make money, live your passion and have fun whilst doing so!

How would life be if you built the business you’ve always dreamt of?

What would it take to become the hero of your own life?

How would it feel to make money doing something you love?

It’s time to take control.

It’s time to become a Rebel Entrepreneur.

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Podcast Listeners' Favourite Episodes

Episode title, Fear; What Stops you starting up?

Fear: ​what stops you starting up?

Why isn't everyone making money doing something they love? This episode looks at the three biggest barriers to people getting going and unpack and demystify entrepreneurship.

Episode title:: 5 Ways to start without debt

five ways to start a business with no debt

This episode debunks the myth that it takes money to make money. You can build a business without debt - let us show you five ways to get going quickly.

Episode title: the unexpected power of mini-experiments

The Unexpected Power of Mini-Experiments

This episode gives you one of the most powerful tools to overcome barriers Join Simon and Alan, co-founders of Rebel, as they unpack the unexpected power of mini-experiments.

Episode title: Rebel Principles part 1

The Rebel Guiding Principles [Part one]

Developed over 12 years of starting our own businesses and helping 10,000+ people start up these are the guiding principles that will help you make a success of your next venture.

Episode title, 'Starting From Nothing'

Starting from Nothing with Zev Siegl

Co-founder of Starbucks, Zev Siegl, shares stories of building the first-ever Starbucks and how they started the business. Even the biggest businesses in the world started with an idea.

Episode title, 'The Mysterious World of Marketing'

The Mysterious World of Marketing

No matter what stage of business you are at, marketing is the problem that needs tackling. This episode breaks it down to make it applicable to your business now.

Who is Alan Donegan and why is he doing a podcast?

Alan’s ability to help those that he works with, crystallised their vision and take action is unparalleled and has been documented by the worldwide sensation that is The Rebel School.

To date The Rebel School has helped over 18,000 people across the globe to build businesses without getting into debt and without getting lost in unnecessary detail so that they can make money doing what they love.

This entrepreneurs’ podcast is an effort to take the principles tools and techniques that we’ve proved work within our Rebel Business School courses and get them out to the rest of the world.

If your dream job doesn't currently exist let’s create it.

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Coaching Series

Joanna Van Blommestein

I can honestly say it’s changed my life!

I feel so proud that I’ve made the leap into setting up my own business and I know I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t attended.

Mark Young

I dread to think what mess I would be in today if I had not done the course.

Right from the start, I realised I was about to put another millstone around my neck if I continued with the lease and loan.

natasha brathwaite

Going on the course gave me the confidence to make things happen.

If I didn’t attend, I don’t believe I would have got as far as I have and given me the leverage to take it the next level for 2021. You may not get this kind of opportunity anywhere else, not for free anyway!