People are Lazy and Busy

Straight from the PopUp Reading Event in The Oracle, Simon discusses one of the Four Golden Rules of Business: People are Lazy and Busy and how that can work on your behalf.

Note: This transcription has been generated with AI and there may be errors present. 


Rule number two, is this is really important when people are lazy and busy, I want to assume that your customers are lazy and busy. That’s why when I describe marketing, it’s reaching out from the shop front, or reaching out off the page of your website, or reaching out from your flyer or whatever type of marketing medium you’ve chosen, grab your customers by the face Milan, and not let them go until they’re giving you cash. And then they’re putting on their gym clothes, and they’re gonna start kickboxing because you know that every single person you speak to, they’ve got, like all of us, we’ve got plenty of stuff on. So imagine you’re out in the street in a moment. And then on the side of the bus, on the side of a car is a logo with a phone number. And it’s about something that’s of interest to you. He said, What’s kickboxing club phone number is a phone number for a vegan cafe. And you see the logo and you think all that looks good. Remember, people are lazy and busy. Is anyone gonna make the call? A very small number of people like Tony, it’s very, it’s very, very unlikely. So the things that you’ve written down on your list, need to be the things that will help your customers deal with their two of their biggest failings as human beings, their laziness, and their inability to manage their time effectively. Right? Because if you need to disrupt their world, you need to disrupt with marketing into prevent them from going the direction that they think they were going in and go, Oh, hang on, something’s interrupted my day. This looks interesting. I’m going to do something about it. Because most marketing just interrupts the day doesn’t make people do something about it. So everything that I’m going to share with you now is about understanding. People are lazy and busy, and we need to make it very easy for them. Very exciting for them and very enticing for them.