Our Methodology

The Mini-Experiment Start-Up©

We ask every single person who attends our courses ‘What’s stopping you’ and wherever we are in the world the answers are the same.


Lack of confidence


(they think they need it to start)

Practical knowhow

What to do (and what not to do) and how to do it

The reason we started Rebel Business School was because the way that starting a business is taught – writing business plans and taking on debt – doesn’t solve problems
it compounds them.

Most people are put off starting a business, especially if they:

The Mini-Experiment Start-Up©:

It might become a business later, but run it as a cost-free, risk-free mini-experiment first and if it works and you enjoy it, repeat. If it doesn’t, launch a different experiment.

Simplifies business

Shows people how they can start without the need for money

Empowers people by treating their ideas as a mini-experiment instead of a business