The time is NOW!

Start a business with no money and no business plan
and build the life you want

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What is the Rebel
Business School?

Welcome to Rebel Business School – where we do business education differently.

Forget about shelling out a fortune for a piece of paper. Here, you make money while you learn.

Think of us as the anti-business school for the rebels, the dreamers, and the doers.

What are the
sessions like?

We ditch the boring lectures and irrelevant textbooks. Instead, we dive straight into the real stuff – building a business from the ground up. And we’re not talking hypotheticals;

We’re talking real cash, real customers, real businesses.

When and where is it?


Online via Zoom


Monday 2nd – Friday 13th September 2024

How much is it? 

Completely free, yes really! It’s our mission to make it possible for anyone to create the life they want.

This programme has been sponsored by our partners enabling us to give away this training for free. 

How does it work?

We want to help you create the life and business you want without debt and without the need to spend money:​

The bragging bit

Partnered with big names like Microsoft, Google, and Dojo, we’re all about giving you the skills that actually matter in today’s market. We even won a Queen’s award for promoting opportunity (yes, we’re bragging). Whether you’re starting from zero or scaling up, we’ve got your back. 

With the Rebel Business School, you’re not just another student. You’re part of a movement. Over 30,000 new business owners have already joined our courses. Ready to be next? Let’s shake up the business world together!

Queens award

What do you mean no business plan and no money?

The Rebel School is slightly different, we teach why business plans are a work of fiction and why you don’t need it to start. We also teach you how to start without spending a penny. Sound exciting? Come join us.


Over, 20,000 small businesses started

We’re in 11 countries worldwide

70% of our participants are female

£10,295,160 economic impact

Over 300 courses and programs delivered

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers. Click on Any of the questions and we've recorded a quick video with an answer.

Our promise
to YOU

We do things differently at the Rebel School.

We will never sell you anything. We’re here to help you succeed, no strings attached. We’re all about giving you the tools and knowledge YOU need to succeed, without any price tag.