Mobile vs Desktop Sites

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Luke, the question we have for you from the audience is at the moment, which platforms rank highest? Is it desktop, or mobile search? And does SEO work differently on desktop versus mobile?

As far as which rank highest, it’s dependent on the device you’re searching on. Obviously, on desktop, you’ll get desktop results and mobile, you get your mobile results. And as far as Google the way Google works, at the moment, Google search results based on a desktop index. So they call your web, your desktop or your website. And then say, as you’re searching on mobile, take the desktop version, and use mobile signals, so your usability, your mobile friendliness, and stuff like that, and then rank them accordingly in mobile. So they they do rank differently. But at the moment, it’s sort of a focus on desktop. Although Google has said that during the start of this year, sometime, they’re shifting to a mobile first index, which is basically what they do on desktop, but doing on mobile instead. So the primary version of the website that Google will be indexing will be mobile, which is why you want to sort of focus your efforts on refining your mobile website, desktop, still important, there will still be quite a high percentage of people visiting your website and desktop. And it’s all industry specific, you know, we can’t just sort of say, you know, 80% of people will be on desktop and surgeries, industry specific. But one, so that as far as the index, go, mobile, is becoming the primary index, and Google never black and white, when this is going to happen. It’s meant to happen and started this year. So I mean, we’re still it’s still early days. So it’s very likely to happen. But as far as how they rank websites, they are different. They have different metrics. With mobile, you have the mobile friendly, sort of ranking signal. And with desktop, you do have all the speed stuff and the on page relevancy and the ranking relevancy. There’s over 200 factors that Google look at, across both sort of how they list both results. But as far as desktop, there are specific mobile signals, see, like I said, the mobile friendly signal, but yeah, they there’s no favourability in rankings, they are ranked in specific ways dependent on the index.

So those factors that Google use to rank your website, is there somewhere that people can look? Do you have a list of those factors on the Koozai? website? There are,

as far as lists go, there’s no definitive list of this is exactly why as Google, as I said, are black and white in this sort of stuff. Because if you knew this, you could gain SEO really easily. They give indications and they give certain confirmations on what is right and what is wrong. So they they have confirmed like speed is a ranking factor. mobile friendliness is a ranking factor, all that sort of stuff. We know they are ranking factors. And there are turns on the Kinslow blog where we’ve tested stuff, and we’ve sort of looked into by working on our own clients, we’ve confirmed that this does have an effect on rankings. But there’s no confirmation from Google saying this does work. But there are certain there’s certainly evidence out there to prove that it does work, just in case of trying to yourself as ever works in industry.

So what are the top five ranking factors that a startup should focus on?

As of right now, I would go with PageSpeed PageSpeed. Obviously, it’s very important on desktop, but especially mobile, which takes you on to mobile friendliness, that is a ranking factor, as of April 2015, mobilegeddon happened, which is sounds Yeah, it sounds very scary. But basically Google, it was the first big move by Google towards shifting their search to a mobile friendly sort of suppose usership and that they were sort of behind the game with mobile. So the mobile mobilegeddon was where they shifted it. backlinks. And that’s sort of confirmed to go to this that’s sort of how it works. That’s that’s inbound backlinks and outbound that links. As far as the remaining to it, it does all depend the the core three focuses are the PageSpeed mobile optimised sites and sort of backlink profile. When it comes to the remaining two. It’s all dependent you know, it could be optimization of the keyword on your website, the internal linking rates, make sure the authority which is what you get from backlinks is right around your website, the sort of crawlability optimization so that’s making sure crawlers which are the little bots, you know that Google send across your website to identify the different pages. Make sure they can reach all your pages. There is so much that can be considered as the, you know the other two of the top five, but you just need to make sure based on your website, what would be most beneficial to push your business further that to conclude the top three mobile optimization PageSpeed and backlinks.

So look, how does my page hyperlinks and my image links affect the SEO on my website?

So as I mentioned earlier when it comes to crawling the website, so say you start a business you’ve got a website as for Google to identify the pages across your website, you need to link between the pages.