Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Henry is here to tell you why the most dangerous place for a Entrepreneur is The Comfort Zone.

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Hey, how you doing today? I wanted to take a minute today to talk to you about comfort zone. It’s quite important thing that we talked about Popup Business School, it’s, you know, some people will take comfort zone quite literally we always say that everything you want in life is outside of your comfort zone, because if it was within it, you already have it. And a lot of people ask for workshops, they will take that knowledge and apply it in different ways. You know, quite often I will take comfort zone as being physically comfortable. Like I’ll be physically comfortable at home, I’ll be sat on a sofa lounging around, I won’t do as much work because I’m comfortable and I’m not expanding or growing. Whereas if I go and sit in a Starbucks on a wooden chair, I’m upright, I’m there and I’m in a completely different space and I’m focused more on what I’m doing. You can take comfort zone as a physical reference. But the metaphorical reference is what we really want to get to. Because if you step outside of your comfort zone you’re going to do stuff that wouldn’t normally do today for example, myself and Jack were handyman were ripping out the inside of shops according to them. Normally what I would be doing is sit behind a desk building a website, I’m growing my comfort zone, I’m doing something that I’m not comfortable doing I’m learning something that I won’t normally do, but I’m growing and getting better at it and my skills will grow. So my challenge to you is how can you make yourself uncomfortable this week? Or next week or over the next month? What can you do to try and grow your skill level? Grow what you can do learn new stuff, and what can you achieve just by stepping out of your comfort zone. Thanks for watching the video. Please subscribe and share because you’re gonna know someone that’s going to need to know that sort of stuff. Stay tuned to the channel, some really cool stuff coming out like Croydon, like me and Jackie doing today. It’s gonna be amazing. We’ve also got some website Wednesday stuff coming out. We’re gonna show you everything you need to know about Weebly or there’s little cool bits on YouTube, visit our website, sign up to event do whatever you need to do to stay in touch with us and let’s help you start your business.