Know Your Why

Welcome to the first step of Rebel’s First Online Course: The Step By Step Start-Up Guide. In this first episode, Simon and Alan help you to figure out why you want to start a business and using that as the fuel to help you get started.

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So welcome to the first step from the Popup Business School startup guide. And today we’re talking about why, yeah, and

the thing about this is knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing is such an important factor. It’s like the foundational elements of your business. Because if you know the reason why you’re going to get up tomorrow morning, and do stuff, and it excites you, the chances of you actually getting up tomorrow morning and doing stuff increase dramatically.

And there’s two parts to this. Why one is the personal motivation. Like why are you going to get out of bed? Why is this enjoyable? And to is the way that you explain to the customer, that why you’re doing the business, that’s what really sells? Everyone is doing similar to what you’re doing. It’s the why that sells it. So you’ve got cake makers? Well, what do you do? You’re creating a cake business well done. But why. And we met one particular guy called Jay, who was running a cake business that sold natural sugar treats with no added sugar. So his cake business was different, because it was designed for people like him, who couldn’t have too much sugar in the diet. And when he explained his way, we understood his business, and we more wanted to buy into his product. So the why when you explain it to the customer, will get you more sales.

And I guess the other part of this that Alan mentioned, is the personal motivation element. Why are you doing it? I guess my only hesitation on this one just for a second is that you use the word Whoopty doo, as part of this video, and how I haven’t quite got past that. However, if we ignore that, and luckily that anyone that’s watching probably would have missed that, because we haven’t made a big thing of what you do think Jack

is probably going to put it in large letters in the bottom. And

if you don’t, you’re fired, but in giant letters, and rehired again, obviously to continue with the series. But yeah, the personal motivation. Let’s get back to this, because this bit for me is really important, right? So your personal motivation? What is the reason why you’re setting up this business? What do you want life to be like? Why is it that you’ve decided to do the thing that everyone always talks about doing? And say, Yeah, I’ve got this great idea for a business, but never do anything about it. You’re watching this guide, because you are prepared to do something about it. Therefore, it’s going to really help you if you know what life needs to look like to really excite you. So if you shut your eyes at the end of this video, and had a little dream for a second and said, Well, what is it that I want life to be like, if I’m successful in my business? Does this mean I can move house? Does this mean I get free of that job that I’ve been doing for so many years that I hate doing? Because it means I get to buy some new clothes? Does it mean I get to help people? Does it mean I get to take a holiday whatever it is for you know what it is? Know what it looks like? Know what it sounds like? Draw pictures, stick pictures on the fridge, whatever it is just have a really clear understanding of what do you want life to be like? Why are you doing this business? What does it mean to you to get this business off the ground and working?

Because if you’ve got a big enough, why the house easy to find the house, there’s how to guides everywhere. This is a how to guide if you’ve got a big enough why that will drive you with the energy to find the how and to actually make it happen. So that was step one of the Popup Business School guide to creating a startup business. And it all starts with why do I think it starts? No, it starts with why Simon? Why are you doing this? And why should your customer listen to why you’re doing it start with why you’ll make a lot further progress. If you want more information, then check out step two, which is on pop up business school code at UK forward slash hub or sign up to the newsletter, or come along to one of the free events that we run, where we run two week long events and we help you start up your business for free. And quickly. At a recent event we ran in Redding 40% of people have made their first sale before the end of the workshop. So after you have worked out why you’re doing this, tune in for part two

is step two is about how to choose your business idea. But lots of people that we meet have got more than one idea rolling around in their heads. And there are some people that we meet that really want to start a business but they can’t figure out what to do. So how to choose a business idea is step two. If you’re the person with loads of ideas, you need that video.