Keywords Vs Content

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So a question from one of the pop up startups is, is it better for me to concentrate on keywords? Or content? Where should my focus be as a startup?

Both To be honest, Oh, yeah. Without content, your keywords won’t rank well, you need, obviously, you need your keywords, and you need the visibility to find your users. But you need the content to facilitate and sort of help the sort of the increase in the growth of your keyword rankings. And like the visibility with content, you do get visibility without content, in terms of your website, ranking for search terms that you’re trying to target is next. And then you need that content. I mean, you need to make sure the content is useful to the user. Don’t just spam your website with content you assume crawlers are looking for, you know, who find out index in Google and such search engines need to make sure that the keywords you’re targeting on your page are surrounded by sort of quality rich content is gonna be useful to the user. Don’t just you know, put loads of content on a page and assume that so going with your cake makers, your targeting cake maker in Southampton, you don’t want to be creating connoisseurs keep making yourself answer and we make cakes and stuff like that. Make make sure it reads natural. And so when you’re trying to target your keywords and trying to push about ranking keywords, make sure it’s you know, with quality content,

question from the Popup is do backlinks still work? And if they do still work, how do I do them effectively?

Yes, backlinks needs to work. Yeah, that’s basically yeah, they do still work.